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Online Personal Training for Women

Thrive with us through shelter-in-place

Now, more than ever, wellness and community are crucial - and that's exactly why we're here!

Would you like to reduce your stress, increase energy and improve your mood in spite of all that’s going on worldwide?

What if instead of crumbling beneath the pressure of the current global pandemic, or just surviving each day, you felt a sense of empowerment and connection?

This isn’t difficult to do it alone - it’s nearly impossible. So we at 5:17 want to step in to empower as many women as we can to realize their full potential - now, more than ever!

This isn’t about pressuring yourself to do more. This isn’t about fixing something of yourself that’s broken, or making unrealistic expectations. You are enough, right now as you are.

This is fully about encouraging, supporting and empowering you to care for yourself during a difficult time so you can face all that’s staring back at you.

It's about being able to do the best you can, and setting the rest aside. 

Maybe, it’ll help you avoid gaining the COVID nineteen while you avoid COVID-19 (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves). 

Our virtual coaching programs incorporate the four elements we believe to be crucial for total body wellness - the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - and follows the same exceptional method we’ve used with our amazing clients in the studio for over five years. 


“Working with Jennette didn’t just change my body, it changed my life.” - Megan

“Not only have I dropped weight; I have gained muscle and a healthy confidence. 5:17 Transformations is a great community to be part of.” - Julia

“Jennette & Sarah are so positive and really care about you. They want you to see results. It’s challenging, fun & empowering.”- Nina

Choose from three easy, commitment-free options:

Unlimited Private Small Group Cardio Sessions: Get moving with women you’ll grow to love in our ICE classes (intense cardio exercise) built to help women of all fitness levels increase confidence, energy and overall health while burning fat, increasing muscle tone and connecting with other women. There’s no tricky or expensive equipment to master, and no guessing if your form is right because you’re under the watchful eye of our nationally certified personal trainers (we promise, no yelling!) More than 10 session times available per week. Investment: $14 per week for unlimited classes, cancel anytime. Join Now!

Unlimited Access to Workout Video Bank: We've built a bank of recorded full workouts you can access anytime, anywhere so you can exercise on your terms and timing. Tailored for women of all fitness levels, each video includes a fully guided routine so you can get encouragement, motivation and direction as you go while having close view on form and timing, and all end with guided stretches. Each session is approximately 30 minutes and you'll get to pick which body area you'd like to focus on that day! New videos added each week. Investment: just $6 per week - first week is free, cancel anytime (no contracts or commitments)! Join Now!

FREE Weekday Classes M, W, & F at 12:15 PT: Join us three days a week for the same great 30-minute virtual cardio classes, but for free! Click here to register.

There is endless uncertainty, stress and pressure right now. However, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. 

We believe you are brave, capable and significant, and you deserve to navigate this time with strength, encouragement and camaraderie. Will you join us? 

Use the links above to get started today! Or, complete the form below and we'll reach out to get you the information you're looking for! (If you're looking for a private training experience, please email us)!

Empowering women to realize their full potential.

I just did my first workout via Zoom. BIG props to Jennette and Sarah at 5:17 Total Body Transformations for throwing together an online program that's totally doable in our homes in a very short amount of time. You ladies Rock!


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Train online with us for FREE!

We're offering free cardio classes online Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 12:15.

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You are not alone.

Hello! I'm right in the thick of it, like many or most of you, trying to navigate this time of working from home, corralling kids into e-learning, managing the stress and anxiety of all that's going on... it's daunting. Don't be afraid to tap the brakes and let go of whatever you can - the expectations, the worries, the pressure - and be good to yourself, as best you can. 

There is hope on the other side. And if we can be an encouragement to you in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out. You are loved, you are enough!

Here's to thriving - 

Jennette Holzworth

Founder/Owner - 5:17 Total Body Transformations

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