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  • Client of the week: Helen

    Client of the week: Helen

    Can't get enough of Helen's story!! "Finding the 5:17 Community was a real turning point for me personally. I was in a stressful job and struggling to find any direction and purpose in my life. I was trapped in vicious cycles of restrictive dieting, feeling deprived, overeating and guilt. I blamed myself for my lack of willpower and felt that if I could just try harder, then I would be successful. I hoped that joining 5:17 would help me lose body fat, gain strength and give me a framework for ensuring those changes were permanent. For me, it has been much more than that. Not only have I gained a new love of strength training, but it has also opened my eyes to what any of us can achieve ....

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  • Normalize Hot Mom Summer

    Normalize Hot Mom Summer

    What is hot mom summer? Where moms accept their bodies and put on the clothes they feel good in and say "screw it" to the cultural expectations and instead just enjoy their own skin and their time. Who's in? ....

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  • You don't have to go it alone.

    You don't have to go it alone.

    There's this notion that success isn't our unless we do it all by ourselves, but the thing is that no one finds success alone. It's with like-minded, empowering individuals that we reach our highest potential, not just from what we're getting from them but also from what we're giving. Sometimes a little direction is all you need. Learn about our Overwhelmed to Overcomer 21-day program, which will empower you to create the lifestyle you truly want in a stress-free way. Next program launches June 25! Learn more at:! ....

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  • You are not behind.

    You are not behind.

    There is no timetable. Life doesn't end (or begin) at 30. Normalize changing careers in your 40's. Normalize finding true love for the first time in your 50's. Normalize "firsts" in your 60s and beyond. As long as there is still breath in your lungs there is the opportunity to create and evolve yourself. One of the most exciting things we hear in the studio are from women in their 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond rave about how they can do more physically than they could in their 20's and 30's. You're not too far gone to redefine your abilities. If you're looking for something ultra personalized, so you're not lost in a sea of faces, skipping out on yourself, or wondering what the heck ....

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  • Client of the week: Camille

    Client of the week: Camille

    Strength comes in many forms, but it's always brought on by persistence. We're honored to be part of your journey, Camille! "5:17 has changed my life. Seriously. I started over a year ago after having a baby and working with them has helped me to get my strength and energy back. I love how lifting weights has given me a greater sense of empowerment and how the community feel of the workouts helps me feel supported." - Camille ....

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  • You are enough.

    You are enough.

    You don't need a fitness program or meal plan to validate or fix you. Your worth and value are meritless and the scale, jean size or any other measurement does not impact that. Exercise and nutrition can help you connect more deeply with yourself, who you are and the passions you have - but they cannot make you "more." If you're tired of dieting and trying one program after another, feeling more discouraged and disconnected from yourself, consider just giving up on that venture - finding instead what really works for you as an individual. You have what it takes to do this all by yourself, but sometimes camaraderie can make the journey more meaningful. If that resonates with you, we'd ....

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  • You get to decide what's the "right" plan.

    You get to decide what's the "right" plan.

    There's no end of influencers and fitness pros telling us what the "right" kind of workout is.... it's understandable to be completely confused, overwhelmed and defeated... but it's not necessary. Move your body in the way that resonates with you. There may be certain modalities that may help achieve a certain goal faster, but the core of movement is to feel better in your body. If you'd like support exploring what your ideal wellness lifestyle would be like (rather than having it be prescribed), we'd love to help. Our 21-day Overwhelmed to Overcomer challenge is designed to help you create the space to connect with yourself to discover what "fits" for you. Learn more at: ....

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  • Self compassion is essential.

    Self compassion is essential.

    Caring for ourselves is imperative. We won't always do it perfectly, but continuing to persist in this is crucial to our humanity. Extending it to others is essential for defending the humanity of others. If you could use some encouragement and guidance in this endeavor, check out our Overwhelmed to Overcomer 21-day program, kicking off this weekend! Exercise & wellness won't solve all of your problems, but it certainly can help you to face them with more strength, energy and confidence. Learn more at: ....

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