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  • Recipe of the Week: Banana Oat Baked French Toast

    Recipe of the Week: Banana Oat Baked French Toast

    Is it French toast? Is it oatmeal? Why is it baked? This recipe might seem a bit odd, but you'll definitely be adding this to the weekly breakfast routine after you try it! It's one of those recipes that seems too good to be true when you read the instructions, but trust us , you won't regret it. Recipe Courtesy of:
    Servings: 1 Ingredients:

    1/2 medium-sized ripe banana, mashed
    1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
    1 tbsp nut butter

    1 tsp maple syrup
    1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    1 slice of hearty bread, cubed
    1/4 cup quick oats Instructions:

    Preheat oven to 375F (190C) and lightly grease an individually-sized oven-safe dish. Set aside. ....

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  • When the right time is now. | Personal Training in Campbell

    When the right time is now. | Personal Training in Campbell

    Why are you still waiting for the right time to get fit? You are busy and hectic. Your family member is sick. Your job is demanding. You are focused on planning a big life event. Your kids are pulling you in a million different directions. You’re an emotional eater…and now is an emotional time. There are a million and more excuses for why you haven’t made your body a priority…yet. At the back of your mind you believe that the day will come when you are ready to take action in getting back in shape. But that right time hasn’t come. Let’s be honest with each other right now: the right time to get fit won’t ever magically appear. There will ....

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  • Recipe of the Week: BBQ Chicken and Summer Slaw

    Recipe of the Week: BBQ Chicken and Summer Slaw

    Looking for a sweet and savory dish that's sure to impress at any pool party this Summer? Try out this 2-for-1 BBQ chicken and slaw recipe! It's definitely an upgrade from anything you could pick up from the store. Recipe Courtesy of:
    Servings: 4 Ingredients:

    5 tablespoons olive oil, divided
    2 tablespoons sherry vinegar
    1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, divided
    3/8 teaspoon kosher salt, divided
    1 1/2 cups sliced fresh peaches (about 2 medium)
    1 (12-oz.) pkg. broccoli slaw
    3 (6-oz.) skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut crosswise into 1-in. strips
    1/4 cup barbecue sauce
    1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives
    1 ounce feta cheese, crumbled (about 1/4 cup)
    2 ....

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  • No Excuses

    No Excuses

    Are you coming up with a myriad of reasons why you aren’t able to exercise with intensity today, or eat the foods that make you feel great, or work toward any other ambition you may have? Adopt what I call the “West Point Method” - a no excuses approach to life. No, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have valid reasons for why you can’t do the things that you need or want to do. What it means is that you won’t let these reasons hinder your future success. An excuse is an attempt to lessen the blame, the act of seeking to defend or justify an action (or, in this case, inaction). When we attach an excuse to something, we give our minds ....

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  • Recipe of the Week: Blackberry Cobbler

    Recipe of the Week: Blackberry Cobbler

    A Summer BBQ without pie just isn't the same. Even though this isn't the healthiest dish in the world, it's a nice treat to go along with the sunshine. Recipe Courtesy of:
    Servings: 8 Ingredients:
    4 cups fresh blackberries
    ¼ cup sugar
    1 tbsp white whole-wheat flour
    ¼ tsp freshly grated lemon zest
    1 tbsp lemon juice Topping
    1 cup white whole-wheat flour
    ½ cup cornmeal
    1½ tsp baking powder
    ¼ tsp baking soda
    ¼ tsp salt
    1 large egg
    ½ cup buttermilk
    ¼ cup canola oil
    3 tbsp sugar Instructions:

    Preheat oven to 375°F.
    To prepare filling: Combine berries, ¼ cup sugar, 1 tablespoon ....

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  • Healthy Eating Tips Your Kids Will Love

    Healthy Eating Tips Your Kids Will Love

    Every mom wants good things for their children: a positive outlook on life, a healthy respect for authority, a strong sense of self, a disease-free body...a healthy body & mind. And with summer here, we have seemingly unlimited opportunities (er, expectations) to feed them around the clock. Despite our best intentions, a recent report suggests that for the first time in two centuries, the current generation of children may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. With all the advances in medicine, how could this possibly be true? The blame falls squarely on today's toxic food environment. In short, our kids are eating too much junk. And who can blame them? Junk food ....

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  • Recipe of the Week: Turkey Taco Lunch Box

    Recipe of the Week: Turkey Taco Lunch Box

    Lunch time at work is the most dangerous time for people looking to make healthy eating choices. Imagine walking into work with dry, bland chicken and cold broccoli, while everyone else is enjoying all the treats and snacks you shouldn't be eating. Meal prepping is the best way to keep up with your health goals, but that doesn't mean you just have to eat grilled chicken and green veggies all the time! Try out this fresh and filling taco meal prep that will have you excited to whip your lunch box out of the fridge. Recipe Courtesy of: Ingredients:


    3/4cupuncooked brown rice
    zest of 1 lime Turkey

    3/4lblean ground turkey

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  • 5 Ways to Overcome Barriers to Your Body

    5 Ways to Overcome Barriers to Your Body

    There are many complex reasons that make fat loss and healthy changes a challenge… reasons that go deeper than simply calories-in versus calories-out. I’m talking about the life issues that get in the way of your success. Here are 5 things that block fitness results along with the solutions to unlock your best body. 1. You are crazy busy.

    Let’s face it, you work too much, commit yourself to too much and don’t even get enough sleep most of the time. The fast-paced way we live leaves us exhausted, stressed and hungry for comfort food. We even begin to feel too busy to take care of your health. It’s time to ....

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  • Recipe of the Week: Pear, Brie, & Bacon Flatbread

    Recipe of the Week: Pear, Brie, & Bacon Flatbread

    The weather's starting to heat up, and you know what that means. With Summer right around the corner, it's good to have some quick and easy recipes in your back pocket for any surprise dinner parties and BBQ's. This flatbread recipe would be a welcomed addition to any get-together- and it's a little fancier than a veggie platter or bag of chips! Recipe Courtesy of:
    Servings: 2 Ingredients:

    2 prebaked flatbreads (gluten free, if needed)
    3/4 cup mozzarella cheese
    2 ounces brie cheese, sliced very thin
    1/2 of a pear, thinly sliced
    4 pieces of bacon
    Balasmic glaze Instructions:

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
    Place flatbread onto a baking sheet. ....

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  • Time for something new...

    They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results. I notice this in my daily life - the way I approach difficulties, the way I think about myself and my circumstances, the way I interact with my kids, the list goes on and on. It’s easy to get stuck in repetitive patterns. But “easy” rarely gets us what we want. Yet, change is even more difficult!
    Something that’s been working great for me lately (and I know will for a long time) is to ask myself, “Is this working for me?”
    As time goes by, I get tired of answering “no,” because I realize I’m stuck in a pattern ....

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