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  • Normalize taking your time.

    Normalize taking your time.

    It's not a race. Your journey is your own and does not exist on anyone else's timeline. Sometimes a little direction is all you need. Learn about our Overwhelmed to Overcomer 21-day program, which will empower you to create the lifestyle you truly want. Learn more at:! ....

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  • You're never starting over.

    You're never starting over.

    It often feels like when we "fall off the wagon" that we're "back at square one." But the thing is, your experiences are enriching you, even when they are uncomfortable or not going as planned. You're always bringing new wisdom with you to each phase of your life. Everything we encounter has the ability to make us better, which means all that we encounter can be a success (even if we learn we never want to do that again!) Exercise won't solve all of your problems, but it certainly can help you to face them with more strength, energy and confidence. If you're struggling to get moving on the path you want to be on, or if you want camaraderie to keep going, click the link in our bio to ....

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  • Try this: Ab marching

    Try this: Ab marching

    Lots of us are experiencing low back pain these days and corresponding core weakness - floor marching is a great way to safely build strength and stability to your core without risking injury or pain in your low back. Try it: lie flat on your back, "wrap" your ribs (bring them flat so your fingers are aligned) and press your belly button in toward your spine. Maintain this engagement so your back doesn't move. Then, lift one leg so knee comes toward your head, return and alternate. When you can comfortably do at least 20 on each side, take it a step further by tapping your heel out away from your body before returning your foot to the starting position. ....

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  • Perfection is impossible.

    Perfection is impossible.

    The good news? Perfection isn't the expectation. While there's now ay to be perfect, there are endless ways to be great. You've got what it takes. (Hint: It starts with releasing the expectation of perfection and embracing the full humanity of ourselves and others!) ....

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  • Food can be a source of joy.

    Food can be a source of joy.

    So much stigma has been attached to the enjoyment and pleasure that food provides, and it's one of the many ways health and fitness have been weaponized. We are intricately wired beings, and food is meant for more than just sustenance... why else would we have senses like smell and taste? Certainly, there is a line for each of us where something has crossed from joyful to toxic, but this is not a line etched in stone. It can vary from person to person and situation to situation. You deserve to enjoy and find pleasure in all the aspects of your life. You deserve to be liberated from restrictive eating practices. If you're looking for a program that will encourage and empower you to ....

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  • It's good to experiment.

    It's good to experiment.

    On the long list of words that have been given negative connotations, "experimenting" tends to bring with it a reputation of rash, dangerous or deviant behavior that leads us to stick to the course that we've always been on in an effort to "measure up." But, for many of us, the status quo isn't working, and it takes stepping out into new situations to break the destructive cycles we've been living in and perpetuating. Experimenting successfully means leaving room for epic disasters. Not everything we try will "work out" as we envisioned. But, with diligence and a commitment to being comfortable in the discomfort of that which is new and unfamiliar, we can begin to change the narrative ....

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  • Stop worrying about what others do.

    Stop worrying about what others do.

    There's no room for comparisons on our wellness journey - not just in our personal measurement of ourselves and our progress, but also in our judgments and assessments of other's behavior. This doesn't mean we ignore others in need or remain quiet when witnessing injustice. It means we honor ourselves and our character by not casting judgments, blame or assumptions. When we focus on our own path, we lead by example and enhance the energy we devote to the work we are called to do. Our personal training programs in Campbell and San Jose meet clients where they are and create an individualized program that resonates with who they are. We'll get to know you, figure out what you ....

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  • You are enough.

    You are enough.

    Period. Our personal training programs in Campbell and San Jose meet clients where they are and create an individualized program that resonates with who they are. We'll get to know you, figure out what you need and piece that together to give you the perfect program that provides your ideal amount of support and flexibility - within your budget - so you feel really good investing in yourself. Complete the form on your screen for more information. ....

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