The power of this moment

The power of this moment

Are you still looking forward to the day that you’ll be lean and fit and full of energy? 

Do you tell yourself that you’ll start living healthy tomorrow? Or next week?

After you’ve had just one more pizza dinner or one more lazy day on the couch…

Then you’ll commit yourself to taking care of yourself, right? 

It’s time to realize that this way of thinking is a sneaky little trap, one that has fooled all of us at some point. 

You see, when you put off healthy living to some designated day in the future, you’re putting the responsibility of action on your future self. Tricky, since your future self doesn’t even exist yet. 

Only you, in the present moment, are capable of making action happen. 

Being the “you” that you want to be is the result of thousands of choices – all made in the present moment. 

So give your future (fictional) self a break and start making real, tangible progress towards your goal – right now, in this moment. 

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