5 Habits of the Fabulous

5 Habits of the Fabulous

Having the life and body you want is about the lifestyle YOU want, not the quick fix or some marketing campaign’s imagery. There’s more to it than pounds and inches and dieting - let’s take a glimpse at the habits that truly joyful, successful people have. Which will you apply this week?

1. They See Each Day with Perspective

Fail to meet your goals today? Move on. Tomorrow is another day to make different decisions. Take a moment to assess whether you’re being too ambitious or if perhaps your goals don’t align with your dreams, and adjust if necessary. Then, rededicate yourself to your goals without beating yourself about whatever mistakes you made in the past. After all, you can’t change what you did yesterday. All you can control is right now. So get to it! 

2. They Find Ways around their Excuses

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t quite get fit, it may be your proclivity for caving to pressure. And that pressure may be self-induced. Successful people do not give into excuses for why they can’t do something. Quite the contrary. They are continually creating ways they can make their excuses work for them. Try it yourself - turn your excuse into an empowering question by asking, “How can I (insert excuse here)” such as, “How can I make the time to exercise and have fun doing it?” You’ll be surprised at the answers you’ll come up with! (We teach how to do this in our Functional Emotional Fitness(™) coaching program - learn more here.) 

3. They Eat and Sleep Well

Study after study has shown the benefit of eating whole, unprocessed foods. It provides energy and strength, helps you feel satisfied throughout the day and improves mood and mental acuity. Getting good sleep is equally as important, as it keeps all your bodily systems in rhythm. Plain and simple, you need to be taking care of yourself if you want to live the life you want. Put these two activities together and you’re well on your way.

4. They Track Progress

For some - myself included - keeping tabs on progress is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Once you get into the routine, however, you will become a believer in the power of tracking your progress. Tracking serves to both reward and motivate you, as you see that the effort you’re investing leads to the life you want. 

5. They Lean on a Professional

Iron sharpens iron. Women who want to be their best rely on others to support and encourage them on this journey. This is why our clients have such a high success rate in achieving their goals – because we make sure that they stick with it! Health and fitness isn’t just about losing weight or running a marathon, although those can certainly be pieces of your journey. The life and body you want starts with taking care of that body and investing into the amazing strengths you already possess.

At 5:17, we have a sincere interest in your overall health and well-being, and our personal training programs in Campbell help you reach the goals that can seem so far away when you’re trying to achieve it on your own. 

Ironically, this last piece often makes all the others easier. Are you ready to take a step in the direction you want to go, or know someone who’s there? Call or email today and let’s get started on your journey!

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