How to love exercise

How to love exercise

Here’s how to turn something that you’ve dreaded into something you enjoy…


1) Switch off the negative: Your thoughts play a big part in determining your favorite things. Block out any negative thoughts you may have about exercise. Focus your energy on creating a positive attitude that will get you excited about hitting the gym, rather than dreading it.


Try saying to yourself: “How can I look forward to exercise and enjoy it?” You’ll be amazed at how quickly the switch flips.


2) Focus on the Benefits: With exercise you have so much to gain and nothing to lose. Exercise makes you stronger, sexier, happier, and gives you more energy. Pick the benefit that moves you the most and fixate on it.


When we connect our behaviors to things that are actually personally relevant to us, we’re more likely to want to participate. 


3) Get Guidance: The easiest way to put exercise on your list of favorite things is to experience it at its best. Kimia recently asked one of our clients what she liked most about exercise and our client replied: “Nothing,” in a very honest tone. “I hate it all, but I come because of the great community and because I enjoy it afterward.”


You don’t have to love exercise to reap the benefits (but it’s certainly a perk). We’d love to help you wherever you fall on the spectrum of fitness enthusiast, without asking you to give up all of your favorite foods or spending long hours in the gym.

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