Client of the Month: Kim

Client of the Month: Kim


Last year, Campbell mom Kim was a full-time working mother of two school-aged children, who had a ton of activities of their own, when she came to the realization that she was “literally doing zero” activity for her own health. 


“I always made excuses of things that were ‘more important’ than taking time for myself to work out,” she confided. “I just got to the point that I needed to do something about it. I was sick and tired of complaining about not being in shape!


But the question of what that “something” would be wasn’t easy to answer. 


“I have never - as in, ever - been a ‘gym person.’ It just wasn't my thing,” Kim admitted. “Gyms intimidate the heck out of me, and they always have. I didn't know how to use any of the equipment, and I was always afraid I was doing it wrong, that I would have improper form, etcetera.” 


She noticed 5:17 when it opened in its new Downtown Campbell location and looked it up online. The small group setting seemed like a good fit, so she decided to give the six-week trial a try. 


“It appeared to be a mix of real women, not all gym rats,” she says. “Real women with real challenges wanting real results. Worth a shot, right?”


Kim had three goals when she started: to see if she could stick to something for six straight weeks and hopefully keep it going after; feel stronger; and to be a role model for her two young girls and show them the importance of taking time for yourself. 


This third one seemed to be the real lynch pin. 


Work wasn’t going to slow down. Her family still leaned on her for a great deal of things. If she took pause for herself, how would that impact the delicate balance of work, marriage, kids and life? Would everything fall apart if she set down the juggling balance act of motherhood for two hours a week to focus on herself?


“Not only did nothing break, but it improved!” She shared excitedly. “My mindset, my energy level and my overall tolerance for life's daily challenges.”


What began as a hope of survival quickly developed into a launchpad for what’s been almost a year-long success story in thriving. 


She lost over 4 percent body fat in those first six weeks and nearly five inches, and she has seen a total of nearly 7 percent improvement in body composition. She’s doubled the amount of weight she can lift, and - most importantly - she is living the lifestyle she’s always wanted. Sure, there have been challenges, but she’s developed the strength to face them head on. 


“I’ve learned that I can do hard and consistent things,” she says. “I'm happy with the physical results so far, but I'm happiest that I have finally stuck with a regular wellness routine for the first time in my life. I don't dread going to the gym anymore, I look forward to it!!


She’s done the hard work of showing up and staying consistent, something that was inside of her all the while but drawn to the surface by the community she found at 5:17. 


“A thousand percent, it’s the trainers and the accepting, supportive environment,” she says. “They have the right amount of support without too much pressure, but enough support to get you to where you want to be.”


And these past 11 months are just the beginning. 


“I want more!” she exclaims. “I now know that I can level it up when I am ready, so I am excited to push things even further in the near future.”


And we’ll fully hold her to that. 


Fast Forward to August 2020, and Kim is still on track: "5:17 has literally changed my outlook on fitness for the rest of my life. If I can still stick to a routine during a freaking global pandemic, then I think that counts as a win - THANK YOU for changing my outlook and for welcoming me and supporting me through this journey. You guys have made a world of difference!!""


It’s hard to think back to the way things used to be, because so much has changed now that the new normal is energy, health and confidence. 


I’d still be hurting with joint pain, low energy, and feeling crappy that I ‘should’ be getting to the gym,” she admits, passing along a word of encouragement for those who want to make their own change:


“Just start with a four-week goal and stick to that. Anyone can do pretty much anything for four weeks. It then becomes routine, and you find yourself wanting to go and missing it when you don't. As Sarah has mentioned in the past, the heaviest piece of equipment in the gym is the front door!"


What about you? Are you tired of the way things are and ready to make a change? Take advantage of our three private sessions for just $149 by completing the form for more information on your screen. We'll reach out for a quick 15-minute phone chat to discuss the goals you want to achieve and lay out a plan for helping you realize them that costs less than the price of dinner out each week.


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