Who's In Charge?

I'm gonna be honest. I'm not a big fan of the Serenity Prayer. Okay, so it's not the Serenity Prayer itself, it's more that I don't want to accept the things I can't change.

I also don't usually want to change the things that I can, either.

Control is a mixed bag. We want to control what we want to control, and times like this show us how little control we have, and it's really hard - am I right?

For me, the ripple effect of this often comes out as exerting control in whatever areas I can, but not always with the healthiest outcomes. It's not about "what" we do, it's about how we feel when we do them.

It's natural to grasp at whatever we can control in times of insecurity and chaos. If this is where you are, that's okay. You're not failing or falling short.

Maybe what you focus your control on in this space is what you think about yourself and how you speak to yourself. I don't think there's anything more crucial for any of us to do.

My aim is to encourage us all (and I'm talking to myself here, first and foremost) to exert control over what we can in a way that's healthy for us, so that we can better manage all the things that are difficult. We are each in different circumstances, so what is or is not in our control is not for another to dictate.

When you recognize that certain things aren't working for you, exert the control you can to steer toward that direction. And, regardless, speak kindly to yourself. You deserve it.

We're encouraging each other to "exercise" healthy control this week over on our Instagram page - check it out and join us!

Be encouraged. You're doing fantastic.


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