When Is A Salad Unhealthy?

When Is A Salad Unhealthy?

In researching this blog post, I ran a quick Google search that returned 476 million salad recipes.


Funny thing - searching for “healthy salad recipes” only spit back 455 million. 


Most of those probably just didn’t have the fancy SEO words and were thus excluded, however the general pretense of salads is that there are some that are healthy, and others that aren’t, so we need to exercise caution (pun intended) to avoid making our salads unhealthy. 


Here’s my view, as someone with a decade of experience as a trainer and nutritionist, and as someone with over three decades of experience as someone who eats: Salads are always unhealthy if they’re punishment.


No amount of “healthy” ingredients can change the fact that you’re trying to fix yourself by punishing yourself with food. This relationship with eating can never be healthy, no matter what selections you make or what kind of physical changes you experience. 


The idea of categorizing foods into one of two categories - good and bad; healthy and unhealthy - is not safe, and it often come with a very heavy load of shame, guilt and regret… three things that continue to snowball into an avalanche of struggle.


It’s one of the main reasons why diets don’t work: we just can’t keep up with carrying that load. 


The truth is that we are all emotional eaters. The only way to get rid of this is to get rid of our emotions entirely… which is detrimental to our humanity. (We don’t recommend this!)


Our emotional states determine our behavior. 


When your emotions and your eating are working for you, that’s when the food you eat becomes healthy for you - regardless of what ingredients it contains.


Salads don’t unlock your best self; it’s you living out your authentic life that enables this to occur. 


How do we get there? By understanding how to activate your most empowered emotional state, and this is only done when you know how thought and emotion work. 


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And yes, we guarantee it will give you the power to make all of your salads healthy - not because of what’s in them, but because of how you’re eating them (or… not eating them!) 


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