Getting 'Summer Ready'

Getting 'Summer Ready'

Although half our country is buried in snow and freezing on the streets and in their own homes (let's just say it: due to inequitable and predatory government & utility practices) it's not inconceivable that you have messages on your feed turning your attention to the warm summer months and the conviction you need to "get ready."

Here's a friendly reminder that your body will be summer ready when summer arrives, solely because it will be a body occupying summer. 

Swimsuits and confidence aren't reserved for those who spend the next five months punishing themselves for not measuring up to a white, skinny (impossible) standard of fitness. 

Swimsuits and confidence are free for the taking and involve accepting and loving yourself for who you are, knowing you are uniquely and wonderfully created and worthy just as you are. 


If you feel your journey of accepting and loving yourself also includes empowering yourself with emotional wellness tools and movement that resonates with your personal preferences... check out our Overwhelmed to Overcomer 21-day program, designed to help women in Campbell, San Jose and across the country embrace who you are right now, and create your own journey that speaks to who you are. Next program launches Feb. 28. Click here to learn more.

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