The definition of "healthy"

The definition of "healthy"

There is not one standard of what it means to be "healthy." It isn't what you eat, what size jeans you wear, or how far you can run before passing out. You get to define what this term means for you. Know that whatever "health" may be for you, there are many fascets of it beyond the physical. It is not an "either or" existence. It is not something you can achieve in perfection. --If you're looking for support in creating a wellness journey that is yours alone, check out the link in our bio to learn about our Overwhelmed to Overcomer 21-day program. It won't solve all of your problems, but fitness can't do that. What it will do is help you create the empowered emotional state and behaviors that work for you (as determined by you.) We're simply here as navigators to help you stay on the course that resonates with you, and as cheerleaders to encourage you through the process.

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