Up for a challenge?

Up for a challenge?

You know what sucks? Single leg deadlifts with a bent-over row.

But that's what LaQuisha was looking for - a challenge!

"I completed the 21 day challenge, and I couldn't believe how supportive everyone was, and how much they payed attention to strengths. I enjoyed the challenge, and being challenged during the workouts. To have someone say, 'Okay, that was way too easy for you, so add more weight next time around,' was refreshing! If I couldn't make it on my scheduled day, I could change to another day/time without a problem. If you're looking for a supportive place to workout, I definitely recommend 517!"

If you're looking for a group to meet you where you are and focus on your individual needs and goals, tailoring them to your lifestyle and preferences, then you'll want to learn more about our Overwhelmed to Overcomer 21-day Challenge at the link in our bio.. a couple spots are left for the next round starting May 21, designed for women of all fitness levels & locations (yes across the country!!)

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