Throwback to struggles.

Throwback to struggles.

Thinking back on where we were this week just a couple years ago, and all the hard work and support that have teamed up to get us where we are now.

The 'in-between' is often just as important as the before and the after, yet it's often messy and can be discouraging.

Turns out, what we thought was hard back in 2018 when we started work on our very own studio would pale in comparison to what the last year has brought our way.

But  that's why each step of our journey is so important, ultimately, it strengthens our character and resiliency to face what comes next. The privilege of being alive is that resistance will come our way - sometimes, we must fight with greater resistance when that obstacle is unjust and inequitable; others, we simply must endure it.

Just know that no matter where you are right now, that you are worthy and valuable and loved. Keep going! Not because of what might come, but who you may become.

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