Welcome to 517!

Welcome to 517! We've been expecting you.

Maybe you’re here because - like so many of us - you tried yet another diet that ultimately did not work. 

Maybe you’re here because you’ve read that it’s good for women “at our age” to get some resistance training, but the gym always was full of big sweaty guys half your age. And even if you got that gym membership, you felt silly going in there, looking at a rack of weights that were so big you couldn't even move most of them.

Maybe you’re here because the pandemic finally got you to think about your health in a much more serious way. 

Whatever brought you here, you realized that you are going to need some help and ongoing support to reach your health goals.  

The fact is that everyone needs help. Perhaps you just needed to find a workout that you actually enjoy. Or perhaps you need A LOT of help, in the form of daily guidance on the basics of exercise and nutrition. Either way, it’s tough to do it alone. 

The world we live in is designed to keep us sedentary, to encourage us to eat unhealthy foods, and of course, to not get enough sleep. It’s hard to make healthy choices when so many unhealthy options are so quick and easy and you're exhausted. Foods are processed to be hyperpalatable - overly salty, spicy, sweet, creamy, or crunchy. They contain outrageous amounts of calories as unhealthy forms of carbs and fats. These foods make everything else taste like grass or cardboard. The fact that soda, ice cream, nacho cheese dip, Oreos, and Doritos exist at all is a testament to how society makes it hard for us to be healthy. Corporations spend vast sums researching how to make these foods tasty, irresistible - and addictive. 

If you’ve tried to start eating more healthily, you may have encountered resistance from those around you. Your kids freak out at the sight of a bean on their plate. Your spouse complains that there are no potato chips in the house. Your friends look at you funny when you order a salad for lunch or when you skip your usual glass of wine at happy hour. 

Don't feel bad. It’s not just you. We all need help to fight back against the external forces that make it so hard to make healthy choices.  At 517, we’re here to help!

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