Running isn't the answer.

Running isn't the answer.

We often hear with new and seasoned clients alike share discouragement that they're not "in shape" or "fit" because they can't run, or don't like to run.

Running gets a lot more fanfare than it deserves. Don't get us wrong - it can be a great fitness activity. It's enjoyed by many on our staff as well as our clients and we love helping people do what they enjoy.

However, the key is this: that it's enjoyable.

If you aren't a fan of running or don't enjoy it, there's a better activity for you.

Sometimes there are ways through corrective exercise (our specialty) that can restore balance to your body so you can enjoy running, if that's relevant for you.

Running can be a great way to move your body. However, running isn't necessarily the answer. It's definitely not the only one.

You're not a failure as a person or in your health/wellness pursuits if running isn't something you enjoy or are able to do.

Your wellness journey should include things that make you feel good and that you enjoy, and we'd love to support you in finding that!


Our personal training programs in Campbell and San Jose meet clients where they are and create an individualized program that resonates with who they are.

We'll get to know you, figure out what you need and piece that together to give you the perfect program that provides your ideal amount of support and flexibility - within your budget - so you feel really good investing in yourself.

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