You are responsible for meeting your needs.

You are responsible for meeting your needs.

It's understandable to have the desire for others to recognize when we're hurting and assist us in providing comfort or relief. However, counting on this is self-destructive because it puts the measuring stick of our value on another's actions and gives us opportunity to diminish our worth.

It also ignores our own power.

When we accept that we are the only ones who can recognize and meet our our own needs, we become empowered to live the lives we are called to lead. (This includes the strength to identify and leave toxic situations that are destructive to us.)

This is the whole focus of self care: recognizing, affirming and meeting our needs wherever we may be.

Could you use some encouragement and camaraderie to care for physical needs like movement, we'd love to help.

We'll get to know you, understand what you need and piece that together to give you the perfect program that provides your ideal amount of support and flexibility - within your budget - so you feel really good investing in yourself. Learn more at:

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