Waiting isn't wasting.

Waiting isn't wasting.

It's easy to think that waiting for what we want (even while working for it) is wasted dead time... but waiting is an action, one that is refining and developing us as people.

In the health and wellness space, we're quick to rush the fastest solution, often to the detriment of our health and wellness, especially when the results don't last.

Honor and character are found in the process of allowing things to happen in their own time, in allowing ourselves to develop and grow. While sun and water nourish and grow the plant, scorching rays and floods bring certain death. Waiting may not be fun, it may not be exciting, but it is worth it - you, are worth it.

Next time you're feeling impatient with yourself, try: "How can I use all the things in my life to move me toward my perfect health?"  

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It's not a quick-fix, end-all-be-all, but a launchpad to help you build a solid foundation that will provide longevity and perseverance for the long-haul of caring for yourself. The next program launches in just a couple of weeks - learn more at: www.517transformed.com!

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