Backward is as an important direction as forward.

Backward is as an important direction as forward.

Two steps forward, one step back is a saying we toss around in defeat, but really that's the journey - and there's nothing wrong with that.

A major fallacy of our culture is to highlight the "success" stories - those who have "made it" to fame, fortune, etc. - only in terms of their arrival, glossing over the actual journey. Far too often we skip over the hard things, the real substance of the journey, on our way to the "glory."

Here's the thing: the "setbacks" are just as important as the "successes," and we argue that both are inextricably linked. You're worth the journey.

Our entire stories are what make us. Be encouraged today: wherever you are on your journey, you're progressing. The only failure is no longer trying.

Our goal at 5:17 is to be an encouraging support system for women and non-binary folks who want to write their own wellness journey (rather than be forced into a one-size-fits-all program).

We'll get to know you, listen to what you need and piece that together to create the program that will be meaningful to you. Reach out today!

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