Time Change Sanity Savers


Your day magically got one hour longer - yet instead of keeping it to yourself, it just means extra minutes of the same old same. 


Don’t fret! We’ve compiled some of the best mini  activities to keep everyone insane on this crazy day. Here’s hoping for fewer meltdowns and an early bedtime!


Eat cupcakes for breakfast 

Yes, you read that right. Although it’s not what you might think. Breaking from the ordinary can be a fun treat, and this recipe makes a great on-the-go breakfast for the week. 


Start a band

Fold a paper plate in half, fill it with dry, uncooked beans, then staple the sides together to hold it shut to fashion homemade maracas. 


Scavenge together 

This can be done close to home or anywhere you’d like! Create a list of age-appropriate items for kiddos to find (they can be items already in nature or things you hide). For my toddlers, I create a visual guide (leaf, smooth rock, flower, etc.) they can use instead of me reading it to them. 


Create an obstacle course

Perhaps you have the pieces for this - a tunnel, agility ladder, cones - but everyday items can serve a new purpose easily. Side shuffle along the fence, do 10 jumping jacks at the corners, and run backwards to the hose then skip in three circles around the tree. Whatever your setup, a little creativity can hold attention and keep them moving - which does wonders for each of our souls!


Put on a play

Open up your hardly used dresser drawer and let 

them dream up a new reality with an outfit to match. 



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