Banishing 'All-Or-Nothing'

Banishing 'All-Or-Nothing'

Ah. The all-or-nothing mindset.

It’s probably one of the biggest culprits keeping us from achieving our dreams, convincing us that because we had one hiccup – or even a dozen – that we can’t possibly get where we want to go.

Most of us fall victim to this process. We “mess up” on our diet and throw the whole plan out the window. Or the kids’ nap schedule foils a planned workout, so we find ourselves on the couch logging nothing.

Have you been there? I certainly have. Over and over again.

If first choice doesn’t play out, we settle instead for dead last, often sabotaging ourselves in the process. It’s like dropping your iPhone, getting a tiny scratch, then smashing it repeatedly to shatter the screen. We treat our things with that much care – why not ourselves?

To achieve your best self, this all-or-nothing way of thinking must be abolished –  a lifetime of work in and of itself.

I love the quote, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” because it reminds me that nothing can be achieved all at once. All of life is a process –  that’s the very essence of being alive. Nothing is ever done, until we’re done. (And then it’s over!)

Here are some ideas for making this kind of thought change.

Keep perspective. In the grand scheme of things, one meal or a missed workout does not make a failure. Stop striving for perfection, and instead give yourself permission to be human, accept grace and use everything as a learning experience.

Rather than focus on how far you have to go, or what you haven’t accomplished, train yourself to instead focus on what ONE thing you CAN do. It’s all about being empowered in your decision making and in control of your thoughts and feelings. One step at a time is how you complete a thousand-mile journey.

Seek to understand, “What is this doing for me?” Ask yourself, “What will happen if I give up right now?” The answers to these questions will undoubtedly inspire you to press on.

Life, after all, isn’t about getting there. It’s about enjoying the processes and never giving up. Even if you’re at a slow shuffle, you will still get there a lot faster than sitting down, or walking backwards.

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