Staying on Track Through the Season Change



Whether you had the summer off with your kiddos or you maintained a working mother’s schedule, the transition back to the school year can be a challenge. Regardless of your situation, it’s inevitable that you’ll have more time during those hot summer months, so it can be a little tough to get back into the groove of things come August. The important thing is to keep up with your healthy eating and active exercise schedule even when transition time hits.  It might be challenging, but here are a couple of tips to help you stay on track when you’re faced with the hectic balance of sports, music lessons, and teacher conferences once again:


1. Meal Preparation

With the whole family counting on you to get fed, meal preparation can be overwhelming. However, if you plan out the meals ahead of time, some of the stress can be lifted from your shoulders. Maintaining a nice routine of meals each week will allow your shopping list to be consistent and your Sunday grocery shopping will become an easier task. For starters, it is always smart to go ahead and have a few bags of fresh vegetables ready to be steamed and chicken cooked and prepared ahead of time for whatever occasion arises. When it comes to packing the kids’ lunches, keep it simple — carrots/celery/broccoli, apple/sliced strawberries/banana, different varieties of lunchmeat, as well as a little treat like fruit gummies or a cookie. Don’t stress yourself out; it’s not too difficult to meet all the food requirements for your little one!


2. Gym Schedule

It is easy to get lost while trying to fulfill all the family needs, but it is important to make yourself a priority, too. We all know that a mom who takes care of herself does an even better job helping others! Don’t get caught up in busy schedules and forget to get in your daily exercise! This may mean you have to run to the gym to squeeze in a quick workout between work and dropping off your kiddo at gymnastics.  Or keep your tennis shoes in the car for some laps around the parking lot. Get creative. If fitting in a workout for the day means you have to get up an hour before the kids- it is best to just do it. The trade offs now have pay offs later. You know that you will feel better if you are exercising and staying on track! Another option is to work up the motivation with an empowering community of like-minded people. Joining a fitness group gives you the strength and encourage you need, and it brings you a network of exercise gurus to work out and do life with. Check out one of our FIRE groups — they last 45 minutes, the training is personalized and flexible, and you'll never have to hassle with a waiting list. 


Transitioning times can be a struggle but you are more than capable. Remember to incorporate selfish time on a daily basis in order to keep balance. Pump up your motivation, and keep your spirits high. As Stephen Covey says, “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.” 



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