Come Apart - In A Good Way



Find yourself in need of some rejuvenation, but strapped for time and/or resources? Here's 3 (free) ways for an instant refresher!

1. Extra hot shower. - Get a heaping dose of "active recovery" with an extra hot shower (be careful not to burn yourself!) similar to the effects of a moderate workout. You'll find yourself more relaxed, breathing better and having less stress and tension - especially if there aren't kids pounding on the door.

2. "Earthing." - There's actually a ton of research behind this concept of connecting to the ground by sitting, standing (or sleeping) in direct contact with the earth. (Think: barefoot.)

This practice can help reduce inflammation, tension and stress while improving a ton of things like sleep, energy, and so forth. You can read more about it here.

3. Stretch. As the day wears on, there's lots of tension floating around in your muscles, and this is easily internalized to wreak havoc on your mind, body and soul. Here's a great stretch program I've written you can do anywhere and find instant relief!

What do YOU do to refuel?

Connection and community are fantastic ways to help you refresh. Two are better than one, and a cord of three is not easily broken! Connect with other moms for encouragement and motivation for your wellness journey at


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