Getting Past Mental Roadblocks

As the second to last month of 2016 comes to a close, where do you stand with your resolutions?

Have you made progress or did your motivation sizzle out?


A lot of my self esteem issues come from not achieving the things I've set out to accomplish. These feelings of failure plague me with crippling defeat and keep me from future success, as well. It's overwhelming... like wheels stuck in tar. The question of how to get moving again becomes increasingly difficult to answer.

Most people wait around for motivation to strike them like a lightning bolt. Well, I've got news: motivation isn't something that happens to you - it's something that you create for yourself.


What if you could guarantee success by eliminating all these mental road blocks and inspiring success in every facet of your life?


If you don't feel motivated to achieve your goals, it is likely due to mental roadblocks that hold you hostage. If you're sick and tired of making excuses, then it's time to learn how to restructure your thinking and provide instant motivation to achieve your goals.


We teach you just that in our Introduction to Transformation webinar - which you can learn more about here (opens in new window.)


In the meantime, read the following 21 Mindset Tips and prepare your mind for success. Pick ONE thing to focus on and see how it can give you direction.

  1. Success comes first in the mind, so visualize yourself accomplishing your goals.

  2. Remember, you are the only person who can hold you back.

  3. Forgive yourself and love yourself despite past failures.

  4. Decide what is important in your life, and focus on that.

  5. Conquer each negative thought the moment it enters your mind, when it is weakest.

  6. Give up the idea that things won't go right unless you worry about them.

  7. If you bring the body of your dreams to the point of resolve, then you'll soon be living in it.

  8. Look towards your future, if you believe the best is yet to come then it will be.

  9. You become what you think about most.

  10. The margin between success and failure is very small and easily bridged by determination.

  11. Start your day by accomplishing your hardest task first.

  12. Set small attainable goals, rather than one monumental goal.

  13. Convince yourself that exercise is fun, and it will be.

  14. Know your big reason why.

  15. Create a motivating play list of songs to use as the sound track to your workout sessions.

  16. Every decision you make leads you either closer toward achieving your goal, or farther from it.

  17. If you think you're a fat person, then you'll stay fat. If you think you're fit, then you soon will be.

  18. Once you've set your goal, your attitude either pushes you toward accomplishment or failure.

  19. If you don't know exactly where you want to go, you will likely end up someplace else.

  20. You can have the body of your dreams, but first you must give up the belief that you can't.

  21. You can only have two things in life: excuses or results.

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