Your mask...

 Your mask.


It’s that time of year when we hide in costumes, masks and make-up, all in the name of good fun and festivity. But the reality is that we do this daily, in our real lives.


Many of you are hiding.


We avoid parties, eye contact and certain types of clothing. We punish ourselves, and further erode our confidence. There’s another diet, another routine, another go – but we keep shrinking back, constantly in a pursuit to take up less space.


To be honest, a small piece of me dies each time I see a woman stand in a room with her arms folded across her belly, shoulders slumped and eyes diverted. Maybe you’ve been that woman. Maybe you’ve been that man!


We have so much pressure on us to be what others expect us to be, so it’s no surprise we hide.Really, the pressure we put on ourselves comes from what we think others want us to be. What’s actually desired in a friend is being open, real and vulnerable.


Am I off topic? Nope. Our relationships are a powerful motivator in our lives. And when we don’t feel our best, when we’re not confident in our own skin, when we don’t have the energy or motivation to connect, the life is literally sucked right out of us. We can’t connect the way we’d like to connect.


Exercise, then, becomes a vehicle that strengthens our livelihood.


What if you could change your entire life with a couple workouts a week? We’re not just talking weight loss and health transformations (although those would come soon enough) but having the ability to do the things you really love to do, because you really can?


Feel secure with eye contact.


Be motivated to branch out.


Have confidence to wear the heels, the skirt, the top.


Possess the boldness to take up more space.


Go. Do. See.


These are things we take for granted, until we don’t have them. Imagine what it would be like if you were able to boldly pursue life! Exercise isn’t just about fitting into a certain pants size or avoiding medication. Those are just side effects.


What you really gain from the right wellness plan is life – fully embraced and lived and enjoyed, the way it was intended to be, because you feel alive. If you’re ready to experience this, schedule a free consult today and let’s get you on a plan that will fit your goals, your lifestyle and your budget.

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