How to focus for success


I’ll let you in on a little secret: tell me what not to eat, or what not to do, and that will be the only thing I focus on. 


This is as predictable in my life as the sun rising in the east, and I’ll bet it’s the same in yours. 


Other than the fact that it’s arduous and tedious – two of my least favorite words – I think this is why diets and other health and wellness pursuits fail. We start with a list of things not to do, and in doing so sabotage ourselves from making quality, lasting changes.


Let’s be real: elimination doesn’t work, at least not cold turkey and not for many. I’ve long preached the benefits of slow and steady change, where you get to take a manageable approach to transformation that doesn’t overwhelm of deprive you. This enables results to steadily pour in, increasing your confidence and perpetuating lasting change.


So, start with that morsel – don’t focus on what not to do, but on what TO do. This forward-thinking approach helps you concentrate on a specific task and execute it without distraction. 


When all you’re thinking about is not eating cake, all you’re really thinking about is cake. When you have a more attainable goal of eating 8 servings of plants a day, that becomes your rubric and it’s not a failure if you do happen to eat cake. 


Give it a try. If you like this style of transformation and accountability, then you’ll love my Transformation 101 program – empowering, uplifting and manageable, we come together as a team to produce lasting results that unleash us to realize our full potential. We’re accepting applications now for our next cycle beginning mid-November. You can learn more here.

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