Kitchen Rugs & Memories

I never thought this moment would come.


When Gabby started crawling, we had to put away the kitchen rugs because she would chew on them, rip off pieces and eat them, entertaining herself as she laid at my feet while I cooked or washed dishes.


These aren't the fanciest rugs, but I was so upset to put them away because I like having a rug under my feet. I knew that we'd one day be able to put it back, but I didn't realize how quickly that day would come.


Motherhood, for me, can easily be a constant battle of waiting for tomorrow's and holding on to yesterday's. I'm so thankful for the wise counsel of mothers before me, including my own, who encouraged me to just be in the moment... And that I continue to practice this (accepting grace when I don't.)


It will pass, and quickly - the teething, the snuggles, the all-nighters, the slobbery kisses, the poop stains, the peek-a-boos. And we will survive.


Things don't have to be pleasant for us to be present, to enjoy the moment for what it is (rather than what it "should" be) and to give thanks for the moments we have.


Thank you, Jesus, for these sweet little ones and these small reminders of all the blessings you give us. Each day has just enough for what we need.


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