Our Vision

5:17 Total Body Transformations is known for meeting members where they are to encourage and uplift them on their journey to achieve their best selves. Our expert guidance, given in manageable, empowering steps, strengthens members physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to achieve their full God-given potential. 


Our members are authentic, persistent, compassionate and gracious. They boldly and confidently pursue their dreams, raise healthy, thriving families and inspire their friends and communities in their own wellness pursuits – and not because they “should” or feel they have to “keep up,” but because members have found confidence in who they are as individuals.


Visitors receive unconditional acceptance, esteem and value, and are welcomed with open arms. They become motivated and inspired to achieve the full potential set before them and realize that they, too, have what it takes.


Together, we celebrate success by living out our callings and passions to inspire the world around us. In our eyes, success is a journey, not a destination – we’re never done growing or improving, because we each have limitless potential to pursue.


Our company cares deeply about initiatives that promote mental health, education and equal opportunity for all, and we passionately support causes that combat homelessness, human trafficking, domestic violence and poverty. We give back to the community specifically by supporting local schools, providing goods for the homeless, releasing children from poverty through Compassion International and by providing scholarships and resources to disadvantaged, undeserved and vulnerable populations.


5:17 creates opportunities for individuals to thrive in the life they’ve been given, and we live this out in a cohesive, supportive community that perpetuates progress. We aspire to be the go-to resource for wellness in the Bay Area (and beyond) and wholeheartedly believe that we are strongest when we are all strong.


If you share our vision and are ready to unleash your limitless potential, I welcome you to join us.

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