Three Tips for a Healthier Back-To-School

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It's your moment of glory: August.


Sure, you'll miss them when they're gone - but on this side of things sending your kids back to school is a lot more pressure than you probably were expecting. It seems to sneak up every year, doesn't it?


This month I'll be sharing tips and strategies for making this school year the healthiest, most successful yet - not just for your kiddos, but for you, too.


1. Prep ahead. If you're a morning person, then please accept my silent, evil glares. The rest of us are morningly challenged, but we can all all agree we'd like more time to ourselves.


Why waste unnecessary time prepping lunches each morning? Lunches are a big dread for mamas this time of year. Why not prep them in advance? Sides like fruits and veggies can be packaged in one sitting (or purchased pre-packaged) and these fun lunches can help you skip out on the daily sand which grind and add some genuinely healthy and exciting dishes for your kiddo. Don’t forget about yourself. Pack an extra and avoid the mid-afternoon meltdown.


The best thing about having all this food prepped in advance is that your child can then begin to pack his or her own lunch, and learn about this important habit (feeding oneself good foods) as they grow!


What if you could wake up to breakfast ready? And I’m not talking cereal. Imagine how great it would be to wake up to food already prepared, and even walking in the door after 87 extracurriculars to a hot dinner ready to enjoy. Ten meals in the time it takes to make two? Count me in.


These meal planning printables will help you with all that goes into the mix, and here's some awesome recipes to keep you going.


2. Get Organized. I hear there are moms out there who run to the store at 10 pm to buy poster board and then stay up all night to finish the project while little Johnny sleeps. I didn’t get one of those moms, and I bet that’s not the kind of mom you want to be.


Having a simple calendar to help you and your child keep track of assignments, homework, activities and other important reminders will help your child grow in responsibility and keep everyone’s stress level low.


Don’t stop there. Ever find yourself in a 30-minute battle with your kid over what to wear that day? How about sit down together on Sunday afternoon and pick outfits for the entire week. Your child may change his or her mind, but then there's the opportunity to make an easy change (or teach them the tough lesson of sticking to the choice they've made.)


You can find more ideas for back to school organization on our Pinterest board.


3. Be intentional. We all think once our kids go back to school that we’ll have more time to do all the things we want to do. The reality is, that although you may be getting 4 -8 hours a day kid free, if you're not intentional with that time it will quickly be filled with things you don't want to do, or wasted on things you could do more efficiently. 


Ask yourself, "How do I really want to spend this time?" Chances are, you’d love to catch up with friends, invest in your own health, and tackle some pet projects. Don’t wait until you “have” the time to decide how to use it.


Sit down with your calendar and make a list of the things you’d like to do. Plan lunch with a friend, even if it’s 6 weeks in advance. When something is on the books, you’re more likely to actually do it. The same goes for your wellness.


Take action now to schedule regular walks with a friend, or sign up for a group exercise program, where you can connect and make new friends while you improve your wellness. (I’m a bit biased, but the 5:17 ICE program certainly checks these boxes – when you sign up for the back to school plan, you get all of August free. Time’s ticking! Here's how to get your free class.)



All month we’ll be focused on a Well Back to School. The only way we can lead our children towards a healthy, successful year is if we are also pursuing our healthiest, most successful self.


Want more? Get weekly strategies for achieving your best you from our newsletter, and connect with us on social media to get free, no-pressure guidance, inspiration and accountability all year long. Check back next week for more in our series!

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