Bridging The Thigh Gap.

I remember the day I realized my thighs touched each other.


It was middle school, when everything sucks already, and I was mortified by what I viewed as an unacceptable standard in my body.


The “thigh gap” is actually a pretty serious issue – something many women feel is the standard, but is actually an elusive achievement, unless you have a structural abnormality (yes, abnormality). Thighs are supposed to rub together.


But for years I had a real issue with what I felt was a lower half unsuitable for acceptance. Bullying didn’t help, but my own negative thoughts and feelings towards my legs actually kept me a slave in my lifestyle.


When I felt my body was “rockin,” I ate as I pleased and skipped out on workouts. But food and fitness became the punishment I used to change the things about myself I didn’t like.


One of the reasons I eventually pursued a career in health and fitness was my own revelations of how wellness actually transforms the body – from the eyes down, rooted deeply in the mind and nourished by the soul.


This didn’t happen accidentally. In fact, it was through much grace, perseverance and authenticity that I realized (1) I wasn’t the only one – super liberating – and (2) that I could love my body for exactly the way it looked, how it felt and how it functioned.


Fast forward to a dozen years later, and I caught myself working out in shorts. It’s something I never, ever used to do, but as I think about it, I’ve been doing it for quite a while. What I thought needed to be covered up, not in a quest for modesty but from shame over how I thought I should look or how I felt I would be perceived, I now embrace.


The really funny, ironic thing about it was that my legs have changed, dramatically. They’ve gotten a little bigger, yet leaner, and oh so strong. These legs I used to loathe and try to whittle down to knobs are a part of which I’m proud.


Because I decided to love myself for who I was, I vehemently pursued opportunities to do good things for myself. I eat delicious, nourishing foods because I deserve to feel amazing, not punished. I lift heavy things and run far (sometimes) because it reminds me of all I’m capable of, and that strength and endurance is what keeps me upright – literally.


If you’re a woman reading this in the 21st Century, chances are you’re struggling with some insecurities about your body. You’ve probably tried to change a few things. You’ve probably wished you had a magic wand to make some instant transformation.


But hear me when I say this truth:


You don’t have to change a thing about yourself to be good enough. You are enough.


What would it look like if you used food and fitness as tools to love yourself and empower yourself, rather than fix yourself? Imagine a life where you were able to create the life of your dreams, raise a confident and healthy family, and break free from the insecurity that plagues our generation?


This is what we’re about at 5:17 Total Body Transformations. This is my life’s mission.


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