Jump In


Picture yourself sitting in the middle of a fancy restaurant, black ties and ball gowns, and you’re the center of attention... and covered in mud from head to toe.


It’s not only on your clothes, but caked between your fingernails, behind your ears, and around the roots of your hair. There’s that smelly, sticky residue that leaves you feeling stiff and slightly nauseous.


And you’re asking yourself: why on earth did I jump into that mud puddle?


There was a day when it was more than alluring; you really, truly enjoyed the experience. You were probably 6 or 7, or if you’re more of an old soul, that time ended about age 3 or 4. It was fun, it was adventurous, it was thrilling. It felt great to let loose, unwind and go crazy. But that was when feeling nasty wasn’t a thing you noticed. Things have changed.


You’ve now realized that you’re a dolled-up princess at a fancy affair that you can’t fully enjoy.


Have you figured out where I’m going yet?


That mud puddle is your diet – not the thing you go on, but the things you eat and put into your body. The mud puddle is the thing, or things, you eat that are easy on the eyes and fun on the tongue, but leave you feeling uncomfortable (at best.)


You’ve probably asked yourself why you keep reverting back to these foods. You wonder why you can’t just say no and do good things for yourself.


It’s because you’re seeing the mud puddle as a grade school kiddo instead of the belle of the ball. You’re thinking of all the fun that mud puddle provides but not the consequences that follow.


Perfection isn’t the answer. Deprivation isn’t the goal. The focus should be on doing good things for yourself so you feel your best and are most equipped to be the best version of you.


And I can promise you, that’s not dining as a dried mud puddle.


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