The Benefit of Doing "Nothing"


It can be overwhelming to think of all the things that are required to make positive improvements in health and wellness. So overwhelming, that we end up doing nothing.


But, doing “nothing” might just be the perfect thing to get you started.


There’s no denying that as moms we’re pulled in a million directions. In fact, I personally feel like the term “working mom” is a redundant phrase – being a mom means you’re working overtime, all the time.


I always try to stress the importance of simplifying things, and it’s incredible how beneficial “doing nothing” can actually be.


Here’s how it works: set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes, then go somewhere where your phone is not; where everything is not. Ideally, a quiet place in your home or yard (let’s face it, probably the bathroom) and just sit and be still. No phone. No book. No talking. Just quiet.


It’s going to be difficult.


We’re so used to being connected, to being pestered, to being needed, to fitting more things into less time. You’re going to think of a million things that you “should” be doing, instead. But this is a time to refuel.


There’s a difference between having down time and having quiet time.


Sitting alone with yourself for even just 10 minutes will serve as healing moments for your soul, that part of you that connects the physical, mental and emotional aspects.


Disconnecting, letting everything fall to the wayside, is fundamental to empowering and strengthening us to do all the things we must accomplish.


French writer, mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal once said: “I have discovered that all the unhappiness of (wo)men arises from one single fact, that they are unable to stay quietly in their own room.”


So how about giving it a try? Instead of thinking of a million reasons you can’t do this, why not ask yourself, “How can I find ten minutes to be still and quiet?” You’d be amazed what asking that simple question, aloud, to yourself can mean.



Do you feel like you “don’t have time?” It’s not an excuse, it’s a reality of the life we live.


We can’t care for others if we don’t first care for ourselves, and we can’t care for ourselves if we don’t have time.


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