Rainy Day Women

Kids and rain... quite the unbeatable combination. Today, as we brace for a couple days of chilly drizzle, I have two rules: no touching of the hair or face.


Thankfully, because even those rules will be broken in fast order, I've got a short list of go-to indoor activities (thanks to the Interwebs and only a small dose of my own ingenuity) to keep both of my kiddos entertained (3.5 and 11m) and my sanity loosely intact. Enjoy!


  1. California Car Wash - I took a couple towels and we wiped down the car. What drought??

  2. Color Hunt (via The Pleasant Thing) - go on a scavenger hunt for different rainbow hues, or switch it up with shapes, letter, etc!

  3. Make Play Dough (via Homemade Ginger) - I have fond memories of this from my own childhood, and am happy to pass it along!

  4. Balloon Tennis (via Toddler Approved) - because they're gonna hit something anyway...

  5. Make Edible Slime (via Fun At Home With Kids) - for when play dough runs its course.

  6. Naps. (because I’m desperate) - good luck.

  7. Bathtub Art station (because nap time didn’t work) - I like to save this towards the end of the afternoon because I can double baths in there and hopefully make the evening easier. I just fill a dry tub with washable finger paints and let them go at it, then wash the mess away.

  8. Masking Tape Speedway (via Kids Activities Blog) - both my kids love cars and trains. This often keeps them entertained (and visible) while dinner is made.

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