As I watched the dark, slimy water pour from beneath my kitchen sink, I was equal parts overwhelmed and relieved I wasn’t the one faced with the challenge to fix it.


Drill after drill after tweak wasn’t enough to fix the issue of our sink overflowing, keeping us from using our kitchen for the purposes for which it was intended. Now, we’ve had problems in the past - you know, the byproduct of a cheap rental unit garbage disposal and my own arrogance.


The disposal was clear (yes, I do learn from some of my mistakes) and long after the sun went to bed, the “experts” were busy trying to resolve the deep seeded issue: something was stuck. One thing would work for a little bit, but run the water long enough and the problem came back, with a stronger vengeance.


It began to feel like a metaphor for my own life.


Here’s the thing about being stuck: It’s affecting more than just you. At 9 pm my neighbor, busy studying for exams, is texting me wondering what the heck is going on, letting me know he’ll go harass the neighbors to get them to settle down.


Shockingly, the baby doesn’t like to sleep when the walls are shaking and grinding.


Kids eating in the living room is every bit messy as it sounds.


Two days later I’m finally getting caught up on dishes that couldn’t be washed, and I still need to mop the floors.


When the only way the plumber can get to the clog is from the roof and between unit walls, it shakes everything. Babies don’t sleep. Finals can’t be conquered. Prunes get in the carpet. Your kitchen floor gets muddy.


The clog wasn’t even in our sink. After six hours of trying to solve the problem, the solution was found by drilling through our neighbor’s sink. A relief, yes, that it wasn’t us, but annoying nonetheless.


Our kitchen catastrophe was unfortunately not the low point in our week, but it certainly got my attention. I often feel like I make progress in one area, only to stall in other areas or get stopped up completely. The stress of this stage of life certainly isn’t helping, but I can’t help but feel I’m losing ground because I am not dealing with the deeper, more underlying issues.


Not having a firm grip on what needs to be done, and when.


Failing to prioritize and/or schedule those tasks.


Thinking I have to do it all, and having unrealistic expectations.

Missing out on the things I know I need to do, like my quiet time and workouts (although that latter one is getting better now that my ribs are healed.)


Can you relate? Sadly, I’m sure the answer is yes.


If your Proverbial sink keeps stopping up, and it seems like despite all your efforts things are going nowhere, it’s time to take stock of what’s going on in your life.


I’ve been wondering why things have been “stalling” lately, and I think I have finally gotten to the bottom of it: everything has converged in one giant coagulation. It’s my mind that’s holding me back.


So, I “took a night off” and did some serious evaluation of where things are in my life, where I want them to be, and what needs to change. I really had to “drill into the wall” and dig it all up. And even though I haven’t yet had the opportunity to implement it all yet, the stress of when and how things will be accomplished is vanished. It turns out, I’m not as busy or have as much to do as I thought. I have access to far more help than I need. I feel quite empowered.


I think for the first time in a while, I’ll go into a week feeling more confident to pursue the things that need to be done, more free to let some things go, and actually be able to breathe. If you can believe it, I have play scheduled many times. Wow.


Here’s a quick guide I threw together of what I did. {I also included the things I use for meal planning, which, let’s face it, is vital to making it all work.} I’d love to hear how you made this your own and what improvements you saw in your life!


I plan on repeating this process at least once a month to take stock of where things are and what adjustments need to be made to keep myself from ending up like my kitchen floor.

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