Sauteed Mushrooms

Sauteed Mushrooms

I spent years avoiding a mushroom indulgence at home for fear of cooking the fungi improperly and suffering some kind of shrooming experience (or food poisoning) or lengthy prep process.

Then I clued into the fact that people eat portobello mushrooms raw, so I was probably safe. And I learned that these exceptionally nutritious "veggies" were surprisingly easy to fix. I like to cook a big batch at week's end so it's ready for any recipe the next week.

Tip: don't store mushrooms at room temperature, whether cooked or uncooked, and never in a cabinet, as doing so will reduce the nutrition benefits. Benefits of mushrooms: immune system function improvementsanti-inflammatoryantioxidantcardiovascular healthanti-cancer properties

This recipe is great for weight loss when eaten inside or outside the Metabolic Window.

You'll need:

Mushrooms, sliced

Butter (yes, the real stuff. here's why)

Seasonings to taste (I don't use any, but salt and pepper could be great options)


Melt a small chunk of butter in a pan over high heat.

Add mushrooms, and stir so they are coated in butter.

Stir mushrooms until they become a medium to dark brown color. The moisture needs to be released from the mushrooms in order for them to cook. So, make sure there is a constant sizzle during this step.

Once they reach a deep brown color, reduce heat to medium and saute an additional 2-5 minutes

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