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Okay, so I absolutely love my sous vide. Aside from the fact that it’s virtually eliminated my need to cook on a daily basis, the meals are one thousand percent better than what I could cook even if I invested hours into it. If you’ve ever eaten in an expensive steakhouse, this is how your steak was cooked. It’s that fancy.


I get asked about it all the time, so I thought I'd post details here that others can glean from!


The big benefit for cooking in the sous vide is that the water evenly distributes the heat. When you cook food on a conventional surface like a grill or oven, the heat must penetrate the entire cut in order to fully cook the inside. This makes the outside more tough and charred. With the sous vide, the entire piece of meat is evenly cooked. So the outside is just a juicy as the inside, nixing that chewy or dry areas.


I have the Sansaire model, which (to my knowledge) is the only compact product on the market. Traditional ones are large and box-like, so they take up a lot of space. I purchased a plastic dish tub from Target to fill with water for cooking, but later realized I could just fill up the sink and eliminate even more “things.”


To use, put meat in a sealed plastic bag (preferably a Food Saver type) with all, or as much, of the air removed as possible. Set the sous vide to desired temp you want the meat cooked, and leave it for a few hours (it comes with sheets that say time to cook, etc.) When I say “temp you want the meat cooked,” I’ve found the recommendations are confusing. Simply put: if you want a medium-rare steak, set the sous vide to 140 degrees. I cook pork & white meat chicken at 140, and dark meat at 160. About five minutes before you’re ready to eat, take food out of package, season and sear on a heated pan. Done!


I’ve made this even easier with the Food Saver, the vacuum bag storage system. Because I absolutely hate going to the store and I rarely have time in the day to prep, I go to Costco and buy 4-6 weeks worth of meat, then package it into meal-sized portions and freeze. Then, I can just take out what I need, drop into the sous vide and be done.


The next thing on my wish list is a blow torch, which is what they use in most restaurants. This way, I can just take meat out, season and torch it, and save the clean up of the pan, too!


As always, I'd love to answer any questions or help you bring sanity and organization to your health and fitness pursuits. Email me anytime!


If you don’t already have the products above, consider buying with my Amazon affiliate link - I make a commision on selling it, which I donate 100% of to charity. Yes, the start-up costs are a little steep, but it’s well worth it when you think that it’s (1) healthier, (2) easier and (3) much cheaper than take-out!


Sansaire Sous Vide

FoodSaver System

FoodSaver Rolls (you can create your own size - I personally hate these because they are more work.)

FoodSaver Bags (pre-made)

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