The Wrong Motivation

Heading into the pool for a swim workout one day, I was snidely asked by a gym employee why I bothered to workout. 


"You're already skinny," the she said, as if I had magically reached some pinnacle that no longer required physical effort. 


But what that woman could never have known was that, in my mind, I was anything but skinny. The workout I was about to do was compulsory to help fix all that was wrong with me. 


Certainly, triathlon training would make a difference... When I bothered to show up. I didn't care much, then, for achieving the actual goal of the finish line, but only what it could do to fix all the things I saw wrong with my figure. 


I remember walking from the locker room to the pool fully clothed, hiding as much as I could in my size XL bathing suit bottom that I felt defined me, personally. 


Here's the thing about goals or, should I say, the wrong ones: they only motivate you for so long. 


Back when all that motivated me was my obsession with body image, I was at my unhealthiest. 


Sure, the metrics and diagnostics said otherwise, but my lifestyle only dictated that I do the bare minimum, and when that wasn't enough - because it never was - I was wrought with grief and self deprecation.


I was at peak fitness (in my eyes) when I wanted a pint of ice cream. But the feeling never lasted long. 


You can always find someone "worse" than you when you want to cheat. And you can always find someone "better" than you when the insecurity wants to emerge. 


There is a better way. 


Hear me, please, when I say this: don't limit yourself to a figure goal. When I clued in to how incredible I felt just by going through the motions, the motions became the driver of my existence. 


Yes, I eat ice cream. Cupcakes are still my favorite food. But they no longer make me worse. Everything has the ability to make me better - yes, cupcakes can do this. I no longer spend hours after hours daily (or even weekly) exercising. 


In doing so, I've surpassed my pre-pregnancy self. Yes, two kids and seven years past that poolside encounter I'm stronger, leaner, faster and more confident. It is within reach!


Knowing that there's no good or bad foods, but the right and wrong times to eat them, was transformational for me. 


Tell me not to eat something, and that's all that I can think of. 


Rather, tell me how to make that thing help me feel better, and you've got my attention. 


I'm not perfect in this. But perfection isn't the goal. I know exactly what I need to do to look, feel and function at my best. There's no guilt or obsessing. I have the confidence in the motions - in the journey - and that fuels my lifestyle. 


You're selling yourself short if all you want is to fit into a dress or see a number on a scale. You're worth so much more than this, and you can achieve it much faster. 


If you've tried diet after diet after fitness plan without achieving the results you want, it's time to try something that will actually work. Give yourself the tools to succeed - the motivation, inspiration and determination to thrive in every circumstance. 




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And yes, I realize that I do promote weight loss and looking your best. You know what? The simple act of weight loss has been shown to improve depression, mood and a plethora of other issues! It's not about a six pack (although it is within your reach.)


And, did you know that you can look better with just one workout? Yes.... The confidence you get from doing one fantastic workout is that you see yourself differently. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, and your eyes can change in 30 minutes. Let's go - make the decision right now to never go back to the old way again. Learn how a simple change in your approach can lead you right to your ultimate goal.


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