Why I have to buy new pants


I need to get something off my chest: at my core, I’m a quitter.


Few people know this as well as my husband, who lives with the product of my unfinished ventures: the arts and craft supplies piled in the closet; the stack of books earmarked and highlighted only part-way through; the fact that my kid knows red, orange, yellow, green and blue - but not purple - tracks our progress over the rainbow.


As I write this, there’s two pounds of raw, ground turkey breast in the bottom of the fridge that I’ve been meaning to turn into chili for a week. I’m scared to look at the expiration date.


For a long time, this “fun fact” about myself has held me back. But, it’s now a strength. My biggest advantage now is knowing this truth about myself. For years, I glossed over it, not wanting to own up to the fact that, yes, I can hold others accountable, but not myself.


Going into 2016, I wanted things to be different. I’ve coasted for a few years now when it comes to my own training and fitness pursuits, and while maintenance was working for me, this “stagnation” was holding me back in other areas of my life.


“Good enough” became okay.


So, yes, I hired a personal trainer. [Gasp.] I honestly held back from doing this for years because I thought it would say something negative about me as a trainer that I needed someone to coach me along.


I bet that a doctor has a physician of his own.


Do you know a hair stylist that cuts her own hair?


It’s said a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.


I had a fool for a trainer!


Could you believe that in the last 8 weeks I’ve grown stronger, leaner, more energized and healthier than I’ve been in years? Yes, I’m better now four years and two kids later. A year shy of 30, I can run faster and lift heavier than ever before, and I’m falling out of clothes that I’ve had since before I had kids.


This isn’t a mantra about becoming skinny or how I wasn’t good enough before or anything like that. But I’m certainly not going to complain about ab definition or the opportunity to go shopping.


This is about breaking out of my rut and how the milestones I’m reaching in the physical realm of my life are seeping rapidly into the mental, emotional and spiritual realms.


And I’m even more convinced of the benefits of having accountability than ever before.


Since I’m being honest, I’ll admit the biggest hesitation I had with hiring a trainer was the price. There’s sticker shock that goes with it, and the idea of “oh I can do this myself” certainly plays a role.


But here’s the thing: I wasn’t doing it myself.


Iron sharpens iron. I’m a client for life now because complacency just isn’t something I want to revert back to. It’s not that I’m not good enough on my own, it’s that I’m not okay with just being good enough.


I’m a better wife, mom, trainer, person, Christ follower, etc., when I’m pressing towards my goals everyday.


The first step in being successful is to understand what your limiting factors are. Knowing what obstacles are holding you back from achieving your goals is crucial information, because you can’t fix something you don’t know is broken. I’m the first to admit that it’s tough to push yourself, especially when you’re feeling stressed, run down or insecure about the outcome.


It’s not about knowing what to do, but actually doing it. What we do consistently determines our outcome.


By now, the willpower and motivation of the New Year, for most, has started to burn off. Not for me. It hasn’t been about motivation or willpower from the start. It’s been about accountability and transforming habits to get a little better everyday. Having someone in my corner to see the big picture, guide me along and hold me accountable has paid off far more than I imagined.


Are you ready for this kind of success? Are you ready to wake up everyday feeling better - mentally, emotionally, spiritually AND physically - than you did the day before? Don’t push it off any longer.


Decide today you’re tired of living just to make it through the day, just through this workout, just to the next cup of coffee. Decide that “good enough” isn’t the lot in life you want for yourself or your family. Choose to make a successful transformation part of your everyday story, and unleash the strong, confident woman already inside.


I have limited openings in each of the following programs. I would love for you to be among the 20 women this year who, like me, will be stronger, leaner, more confident and empowered week after week. Contact me today for a free, no-obligation assessment to find out what results you could see as a 5:17 client!


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