Why babies make bad weights.

Why babies make bad weights.

Light weights, lots of reps.

It’s touted as the way to get those “long, sleek” muscles while avoiding the dreaded “bulky” look most women fear.

Sure, I could throw science at you and explain the ins and outs of testosterone and metabolic response to weights and how food and supplements play a role in NOT EVER making you bulky, but how about a simple word picture that we all encounter daily to disprove how this modality of training isn’t working for you?

Sit and think with me for a minute: how many times do you pick up your kid(s) during the day?

If I had to guess, it would be in the dozens - whether they’re sitting so sweetly saying “Mama, up!” or (the probably more likely scenario) of reaching for a big bite of the cat’s tail or other equally dangerous object.

Now, think about how much they weigh. If light weights and high reps worked, you’d have the results you’ve always wanted just by the sheer nature of what we do all day.

The reality is that this method doesn’t work. From a science standpoint, your body needs to be hitting a certain level of intensity (paired with the right nutrients) to see changes.

To get optimal results, strength training needs to be the focal point of your exercise routine, and not just any strength training. It needs to be focused and intense, with weights and reps strategically tailored so your body doesn’t become efficient.

A fit body doesn’t burn fat. A lean body does. Lean tissue (aka muscle) is only added by lifting heavy weights.

The proof is in the pudding. (Yum, pudding. Adding muscle would help you enjoy more pudding.)

For every pound of muscle you add, your body burns and extra 50 calories per day (at minimum.) That’s an extra 350 calories burned each week just by sitting around eating Bon Bons (because we all know that’s what you REALLY do all day). It’s a lot easier to eat extra calories than cut them.

Muscle is also more dense than fat, so it takes up significantly less space than body fat. (This is how I’m in a smaller clothing size at 140 pounds than I was at 120.) Muscle is also defining - that definition you see on those fitness models and such - yes, muscle.

Because it’s metabolically active tissue, muscle burns fat even while you’re resting and requires (yes, requires) that you eat more food to sustain it. Yum.

The energy that gives you live and vitality and interest in doing things is produced in these muscle cells, as well. So you can have more left over at the end of the day - and during it!

Let’s recap the benefits of muscle:

More food you can eat.

More fat you burn.

Less exercise you have to do.

Tighter body achieved.

More energy to do the things you love (and the things you have to)

The real question is this: why are you sitting here reading this and not out lifting heavy things? (Getting stronger is also a great way to have your kids feel like babies.)

Here’s my challenge to you: stop equating muscle as a bad thing. Even if you don’t adopt this style of training (which, seriously, why wouldn’t you?) at least understand that the secret to virtually every goal is to add more lean tissue.

If you want to “tone and firm,” then you’re saying you want more muscle.

If you want to lose fat, then you’re wanting to improve body composition, which means adding more muscle.

If you want to be able to eat the things you love while feeling and looking great, then you’re going to want to add more muscle.

If you want to reach your goals faster or simply free up some time normally spent exercising, then focusing on adding muscle will check those boxes.

Basically, the only aspiration adding more muscle can’t help you achieve is if you want to keep adding body fat.

This is the time of the New Year that motivation is starting to wane. Efforts either aren’t producing the results you wanted, or you’re realizing there’s a lot of effort going into the results you are seeing.

There’s an easy answer: do the right training to get the results you desire. You can get a free report with more info on how muscle can benefit you - from preventing cancer to defying aging, and more - by clicking here!

Happy lifting!

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