Starting with less


I’m starting 2016 with less than the year before, and it feels so good.


No, not in a depressing “I’m-not-enough” way, but in a “I’ve-purged-scores-of-bags-from-my-home” way. Yes, I jumped aboard the organization bandwagon and I’m loving where it’s taken me.


Ask me, and I’ll tell you I don’t have a hoarding problem. I’m not overly sentimental, I don’t care to hang on to a bunch of stuff. It’s my husband who has the problem. In reality, it’s “our” problem, and while I’m no hoarder I’m certainly lazy (and overextended) which translates to boxes falling on my head whenever I open my closets.


But not this year.


A fellow mom-preneur owns an organization business (check her out - Neat Nic Organizing) and she’s been running an organization challenge on her Facebook page: every day this month is a “letter” to organize. I’ve purged arts & crafts, books/magazines, cosmetics & cleaning supplies, discs and expired foods. (Okay so I skipped letter “D” - no one touches my DVD collection and it’s already alphabetized. Seriously, I had a hard time parting with duplicate titles when I got married.)


What’s this translated into? Finally shredding the three bags of credit card applications and other sensitive mail that’s been sitting under my desk for over a year; sorting and donating my kid’s clothes; properly disposing of expired medications; finally replacing the mascara that makes my eyes water and itch.


Yes, one good thing begets another.


Personally, I don’t think I’ll be fully satisfied until it’s all gone and we live in a white, blank slate like one of those futuristic novel portraits. But we’re getting there. I especially loved this article Nicole shared - it really put into words why I’m feeling so great to scale down.


I intended to sit down and share a touching, heart-felt post about my goals for 2016, but the reality is that I feel more empowered six days into the year having purged and organized (and knowing that more is to come). Writing about my goals paled in comparison to writing about how much more excited I am to complete them now that I’ve been organizing.


And they only took up a couple lines.


Here are my top goals for 2016:

  • Run Santa Cruz Half Marathon in April

  • Perform 1 pull up (it’s been a while, sadly)

  • Deadlift 300 pounds (I’m at about 215 now)

  • Inspire 20 new women toward their limitless potential with a direct training relationship.


What about you? Sharing goals is a really great way to stay accountable. I don’t want six months to pass and someone ask me in June how my half marathon went, only for me to say “um, well, I didn’t do it.”


I’ll write more next week about how I intend to achieve them, but the biggest step was hiring a trainer/mentor for myself. Yes, even trainers need trainers.


Having the accountability and direction has made the last month one of my best yet, in my training, nutrition and even my business. It wasn’t enough for me to say “yeah, I’ll do that.” I knew that if I was going to be successful, I needed an extra push. We can all get better.


I’m looking forward to hearing (and seeing) all that you’re accomplishing! And know you can help me reach my goals by letting me help you reach yours. It’s a win-win! Right now, it’s only $14/week after a free trial week) to join 5:17 ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) and gain access to unlimited classes in Campbell Park. You’ll get accountability and camaraderie for your weight loss & fitness pursuits, and a super awesome t-shirt. I’ll let you decide which is more valuable. Get more info here!

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