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My eyes, lately, have begun to wander. I notice myself “analyzing” what those older than me are doing, which sounds a tad bit judgy, but, I promise it’s only sheer observation.


I remember a younger version of myself thinking 30 was old.


Forty once seemed archaic, the memory ingrained in me of a family friend’s birthday where they made him use a walker.


My grandma had her first heart attack sometime around age 60, and I remember thinking life was really all downhill from there, that nothing worth doing could be done past that age.


Now, my perspective has changed, and I owe it in large part to some incredible women who have balked at the “norm.”


Thirty, for me, is shy of 400 days away.


One of my closest friends hit 40 this year, and she can run faster and lift heavier than I can.


Well into her seventh decade, one of my most inspirational clients is healthier and stronger than clients I’ve trained in their twenties.


And I can’t help but mention my own mom, who seems to defy time with her strength and endurance.


I’m thankful to be surrounded by strong, confident, capable women who defy the stigma and stereotype of the frail, delicate soul withering with the lighting of another birthday candle. Certainly, there are plenty of these examples, and I’m lucky I have more positive ones than negative. It’s always easier to run toward something than to shy away from it.


But I can’t help but wonder… what if? What good is all this healthy living doing if there’s no guarantee of “success,” if “success” is equated with a long, healthy, thriving life. I know that’s certainly the reasoning behind many people abstain from healthy living - the thought that bad things could still happen, so what’s the point?


There are two outcomes that can result from looking at those around you: motivation or defeat.


It can feel inevitable to wind up like the one who can’t carry her own groceries or keep up with the grandkids or pursue the dreams she once had, but the reality is that even one in those shoes isn’t yet doomed. The reality is that even those outcomes don’t necessarily equate failure.


I can’t control what happens to me in life, but I but I can control how I react to it. I can also proactively do what I know will give me the best possible chance to endure (or prevent) whatever “it” is - be it health, relationships, whatever.


Training isn’t just something I do; it defines so much of who I am.


If I lost my legs of my health tomorrow, I’d have my faith to keep me going and the will developed through training to help push me through.


So much of what we face in life is manageable and endurable (yes, it must be a word) when your mentality is to overcome. This is learned in the weight room, on the pavement, in whatever modality you choose.


No matter where you are on your journey, you’re not done. You’re never done. Keep pushing, keep moving forward. True results aren’t always physical, but they’re surely there mentally and emotionally.


The sheer practice of not getting discouraged is what makes you a champion.


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