Last week, I wrote a blog post with three questions to ask yourself before giving up. I’ve chronicled my pursuit to be rid of outcome-based living, which makes those questions an integral part of my day.

When I try to measure success based on the outcome, I’m often tempted to throw in the towel. There are few days when we all don’t feel like failures at some point. Whether it’s with body changes, how our kids behave, what promotions and accolades we get at work – we have a desire to see a return for our toils.

When these things seem to produce few, if any, results, we get discouraged.

The thing I’ve learned is that what goes in always comes out. We don’t always know when, but the rewards will come – if we do not give up.

    If you plant perseverance, you’ll become persistent.

    If you plant dedication, you’ll become dedicated.

    If you plant compassion, you’ll become compassionate.

    If you plant confidence, you’ll become confident.

    If you plant hard work, you’ll become hard working.

Whatever it is you want to become, you must first plant it in nutritious soil. You must water it. You must be willing to care for it until it buds. Busting out of the earth takes time. It's a lot of work. Accountability and community pay a vital role.

If you've been discouraged by a lack of results, I'd love to give you some encouragement and direction. Click here to access my schedule and set up a time that works for you to chat. Or simply reply to this email.

Here's to a successful week of planting.

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