Your Dream Body in 3 Simple Steps (It's not what you're thinking)



I talk with a lot of moms (and women/men in general) who are quite discouraged - and for good reason.


The body they want, that “dream body” they long for, is just too far out of reach. There’s not enough time, they’re too tired, the commitment is too large, the list goes on. Sure, it’s a lot of excuses (I’m just telling it like it is), but it also goes a bit deeper than that.


In reality, the dream body you want is only a workout or a meal away. Plain and simple. Future posts will give you more info on that (or you can check out backlogs, too) but there’s much more to a “dream body” than conventionally thought.


The first thing is to ask yourself if your opinion is realistic.


Now, yes, that sounds blatantly rude and derogatory, but understanding what is driving your view and opinion of your body is important. More than likely, even a brief examination of these feelings will reveal dissatisfaction due to things you really can’t control: how another mom/woman looks, how you used to look, genetics/body type, etc.


As women, we place so much emphasis on how we look as a means of value and self worth. This certainly has a lot to do with the fact that, on an average day, we are inundated with more than 35,000 advertisements that subtly (and not so subtly) tell us that we would be better “only if we…”


But even without these external messages, we’re just wired this way. There wouldn’t be a market for beauty products, fitness programs (mine included) and more if there wasn’t an innate desire needing to be drawn out.


Here’s the thing, though: there are a lot of factors that determine what body you have. Often, the only thing you can surely, completely, unequivocally control is how you perceive and view your body.


It’s my conviction that how you view yourself is the single determination of how successful you are in your pursuits of a healthier lifestyle. (tweet or share)


The root of your transformation must be out of a desire to do good things for yourself. If you’re constantly looking in the mirror belly bashing and thigh taunting, telling yourself how ugly you think you are and envying those “skinny” women or whatever, you’re never going to get to a place of self acceptance, which means you’ll never get to the healthy place you want (and need) to be.


You’ll never get that “dream body.”


If you’re unhappy with yourself, you’ll do things to “punish” yourself instead of reward yourself. Ever wonder why you reach for junk foods out of frustration that you’re not where you want to be? Think about when you’re feeling really successful and confident - what kinds of foods and thoughts do you think? Probably much different ones! I know that’s at least true for me.


The myth today I’m trying to bust is the one that says you can’t have the body you want as a mom. Personally, I think you can. But it starts with an acceptance of the body you have: giving yourself grace for choices and circumstances (controlled and uncontrolled) that have created the body you have.


Then comes the choice to love these things: the belly that birthed the tiny humans you love (and sometimes loathe) with all your heart, the arms that carry the weight of your family (and the world they encounter), the rear end that doesn’t get to rest nearly enough. And finding more attributes that make you the beautiful, successful woman you are - and, hear me, dear woman, you are beautiful and you are successful.


There’s only one who can do “you,” and it’s you. If you looked differently, or acted differently, or had different strengths or talents (all those things you see - or think you see - the “other” women doing), you wouldn’t be happier, because you wouldn’t be you. And the world would be missing a vital piece.


It’s only now, that you’ve accepted this grace and adopted this love and embraced ‘you’ that you can (and will) get that life and body you want - because you’ll probably realize it’s not a six pack you want or a size two, but to feel energized, to be stronger, to know that there is no obstacle you cannot overcome, to be the example of a strong, confident woman to your daughters and sons and/or those you encounter.


You probably want to be more patient (I know I do!) and enjoy your days more, having less pain and free of that “blah” feeling. You want to go for round two with your kids, or with your husband (wink-wink), and feel good in the size you are knowing you’re healthy and thriving.


See, it’s all of these things that make up a “dream body.” It’s not the 35,000 photos you see daily depicting the .01 percent of bodies with their spray tans and airbrushed features. It’s no dream body that takes a 24/7 commitment - which is exactly what that is. You have enough 24/7 commitments to consume four lifetimes.


You can have this dream body because it doesn’t come from hours in the gym or eons in the kitchen. (This is step 3). It comes from carefully planned workouts and meals that free up your time so you can enjoy your life.


The dream body comes from having healthy, fit habits at the core of your routine that fit into every aspect of your lifestyle. This lifestyle is about feeling better right now after each workout and with each bite, because each change your mood and your mind and your physique.


You can have the body you want and do the things you love. It’s time to re-evaluate what your idea of a dream body is!


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