Your Own Gold Medal.


We've seen a lot of incredible athletes achieve some really incredible things this week.

Sure, genetics and a lot of free time play a vital role, but the discipline, perseverance and achievement of the Olympic athletes is nothing short of inspirational.

Okay, or it can be completely disheartening.

Because maybe you're thinking that you'll never win a Gold Medal, or break a World Record, or achieve that "incredible" status reached by the Olympians you've been glued to the past two weeks.

And you're getting down on yourself because you're "just" a mom or you're "just" too slow or you're "just" too busy or "just" whatever, and the thing you want to achieve doesn't really matter.

It does.

Some of my favorite moments this past week weren't seen on the podium.

Sure, I love watching Usain Bolt as much as the next guy, but the ones who really inspire me are the Nikkita Holder's of the world, who fall down and miss out on their dreams but get up and finish anyway.

I'm inspired by the Sarah Kohler's of the world, who go against the likes of Katie Ledecky with no chance of winning but still swims her best personal time. Dead last in an Olympic final is #8 out of 7.125 billion.

I'm inspired by athletes who go out with passion into a Bronze Medal match, no small thing in a world that believes "if you ain't first, you're last."

And while they probably won't dedicate two weeks of Prime Time footage to the pursuit you're chasing, it's the approach and execution when no one's watching that defines you; the perseverance and dedication that shape those around you; the determination that solidifies your legacy.

It's easy to compare ourselves and think we're less than, but you don't need an Olympic Gold Medal to achieve something spectacular. Your dreams are prize enough, if only you would dare to pursue it.

For every athlete you've watched these past weeks, a novel could be written for the obstacles they've faced. Some ended in Gold on the podium; some ended in Gold behind closed doors. It's not the outward adornment of medals that acknowledges success. It's deeper within where greatness is truly made.

This same greatness lies right before you, beckoning you to chase it. Will you take that first step this week?

Call or email me today and let's chat about your goals and what's been holding you back.

It's my passion to help others pursue theirs, and I'd be honored with the opportunity to help you overcome the obstacles standing in your way on your path to achieving your dreams. The right wellness plan will strengthen you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to realize your full God-given potential, and I believe the best time to get serious about it is right now.

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