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We throw it around near jokingly, but the reality is that I’m physically incapable of making good choices when I’m overly hungry. Okay, so maybe I’m capable, I just don’t want to.


I’m also lazy. I often have very little energy to make good choices. These add up to what should be a talk show feature who’s stuck in the top floor and must be removed through the roof. And I’m not being rude or sarcastic. That could very easily be me.


My saving grace is that I plan ahead for when my willpower, self control and blood sugar aren’t where they should be. I recognize that when it comes to food, I need to be proactive in my approach to taking care of myself. This isn’t out of a fear of becoming fat, but accepting that I’m a better person and I feel better when I’m healthy.


When you fail to plan and prepare, you plan to fail. (tweet)


The concept of a “cook up” is simple: I never cook for only one meal. Every time I invest time and energy into preparing a meal, I make enough for at least two meals - and that’s a bare minimum. I spend very little time each week on food prep because while I already have the stove, oven or grill on, when I already have the raw materials out, when I already am going through the motions, I maximize my investment.


On average, I eat every 2-4 hours, which equates to about 6 meals each day. This is a scientifically proven approach to maintaining my blood sugar so I’m less hangry and more balanced. For women, keeping blood sugar levels stable and a steady stream of nutrients is paramount for regulating hormones, body fat and muscle tone.


Eating too little is linked with a number of problems in women, especially low muscle tone, high body fat, poor bone density, reproductive problems and slow metabolism (which means your body is drained of energy). It actually causes the body to gain fat, rather than lose it, can disrupt sleep patterns and negatively impacts mood and self esteem. No bueno.


The downside, however, of this often is that I’m eating about 42 meals each week. That’s a lot of cooking I don’t have the time or energy for. This is why planning ahead is crucial.


About two meals each day are liquid. I’m not talking some kind of gimmicky meal replacement that’s actually full of sugar and carbs and crap (seriously - read the labels!!). I drink a serving of whey protein isolate, which is a milk protein void of sugars and fat, and I pair it with a plant food. I have a ton of great liquid meal recipes that make this something I really look forward to.


But what about the other 28? Breakfast is a breeze because on day one I make a quiche or egg muffins or an extra-large omelet. Lunch, I switch it up - roasted chicken or chili or leftovers from dinner. And, speaking of that last meal, I cook that up, too. I typically toss meat into the sous vide, and often make a portion that will make two meals, and season the meat in a way that it can be used for different meals. For instance, we had pork loin earlier in the week with veggies and a salad, and last night I turned the leftovers into a fried rice dish (LOVE me that window!)


Ultimately, what meal planning and “cooking up” gives me is freedom to live life without food being my main focus. It makes it easier to live with me, too!


What about you? What are your biggest struggled with meal planning and nutrition?


For me, the most empowering thing has been knowing exactly what to eat and when, so I’m not constantly trying to shuffle things around. This goes not just for meal planning but for those on-the-go moments when I need to eat something and have to make the best decision possible. This is exactly what I teach my clients so they can boast this same empowerment.


If you’d like to put behind you the days of struggling to “diet” or “cut calories” and would rather feel great about what you eat and the results you’re seeing, become a 5:17 Champion and learn exactly what science says is the best option for you and your situation! Learn more here or email me today!

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