Frozen Veggie Scramble

Frozen Veggie Scramble

For omelet and scramble lovers who find themselves in a bind with veggie prep (or those who just like an easy option on the fly!) a frozen veggie blend is a great thing to have on hand. It saves a lot of prep work and yields a tasty way to start your day.

Tip: divide veggie bag into 1 to 1 1/2 cup servings and put a bag into the refrigerator the night before so it thaws before breakfast time!

This recipe is great for weight loss when eaten inside or outside the Metabolic Window.


3-6 eggs (or 4 eggs and 1 cup whites) - make a portion double to what you will eat in one serving so you have meal #2 all ready!

1 - 1 1/2 cups of veggie blends (think Roma or Tuscan or Southwest blends - get your favorites!)

Optional: sprinkle of cheese if goals allow


Add veggies to saute pan to either defrost or warm if already thawed.

Pour eggs over veggies and either scramble or flip into omelet.

Enjoy half now, saving the other half for mid-morning.

Microwave the second half for about 35 seconds and enjoy!

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