The Calorie Shopping Spree



You’re at the supermarket buying one of those extra large packs of gum. You know, the kind that runs for $5 and lasts you three days (if you’re anything like me, that is.) You dig down into your wallet, throw down a Benjamin, and walk out of the store.


No change. No regrets.


And why not? Money is money, right? It’s all the same. The bills look similar, they’re printed on the same kind of paper and the ink is the same color. Even the old dudes on the front with their wooden teeth and curly wigs kind of look alike. So what’s the problem?


Okay, so no one but my toddler and those his age could possibly even imagine doing something like that. Yet too many people do it daily with their nutrition - assuming everything they put into their mouths can be measured on the same caloric scale. In reality, the food groups (think macronutrients) are as diverse as paper bills - each has different value and impact on your body.


It drives me crazy when people talk about how many calories they ate, as if eating less and less is the goal. You can’t buy that pack of gum for $3.50, so why would you think shortchanging yourself on nutrients will have any better outcome?


And it’s not just a problem of eating too little; it’s also an issue of eating the wrong things. Like the value of $100 bill is way more than the $5 you need to spend, and the same is true for breads, pastas, rice, sugars and so forth. The price tag is way too high for what your body can process, and you’ll end up storing it all as fat. Probably not the outcome you’re looking for.


Your body needs the right combinations of the right foods at the right times. Sure, for a while you can probably see results by counting and cutting calories, but that method only diminishes your metabolic response, which sets you up to gain more weight later on.


The overall goal is fat loss and preserving lean tissue, which will give you more energy, better definition and higher resistance to illness and disease; weight loss, on the other hand, inevitably is the destruction of fat blasting, body sculpting muscle tone. You get the former by paying with exact change, and the latter by throwing down a Bill when a fiver will do.


So, the next time you look at food, think of each bite as a value system on your body. Some foods have a high cost associated with them - eat ‘em and you’ll end up indebted to yourself and further from your goals. Still, others have high value associated with them - eat ‘em and you’ll be one step closer to being the healthier you of your dreams.


And, don’t forget that each day there’s a “price tag” on your nutrition: not eating enough will keep you from achieving your goals just like eating too much. Each day has a precise balance you need in order to look, feel and function the way you’d like. This is a precise balance tailored for each individual, and it changes with your goals. The formula, however, is the same, and you can easily master it and see lifelong transformations.


If you want to know how to make sense of it all, shoot me an e-mail right now and I’ll get you set up with my online training and nutrition program that teaches you exactly what to eat and how to exercise to achieve your dreams. It’s 100% backed by science and guaranteed to be the last program you’ll ever need.


You don’t want to lose out on your hard-earned cash, and I’m sure the same is true for your goals. It’s time to start spending your bites the right way!

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