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30 day fitness challenges – potentially fun and inspiring, geared at jump starting progress and sparking lasting change. So why is it they don’t seem to stick?
Because jump starting a dead battery doesn't get you far. Without addressing the underlying issues, you'll be stuck again in no time.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. As with all these writings, I speak straight to my own heart and soul, aiming to remind myself the things that really matter.

So this month I’m proposing a new kind of challenge - one that isn't based on how many steps you take but how many steps you take towards removing the things that get you stuck. Activity for the sake of moving doesn’t get you far – it’s purposeful movement that begets progress.
Are you in?
Each week over the next month we’ll focus on one area – one simple mindset – that will help change the way we approach life and, ultimately, make our health, wellness and other pursuits attainable.
Things are so much easier to achieve when we stop tripping ourselves.

Today marks a significant date in our country's history. Like you, I remember exactly where I was on September 11, 2001. While we all bring our own views, perspective and emotions to the table, what we can all agree on is a deep felt sadness for those who lost their lives, for loved ones longing, for those still mourning on this quindecennial event. This type of event evokes a level of reflection and remembrance unmatched by other moments.

So, today, I begin this month-long challenge with gratitude – not because of this day alone, but because we often need a jarring event to bring out the best thanks we can muster.
A lack of gratitude is one of the biggest barriers to success, namely because it physically blocks our view of success in our lives. The best example of this is through a phenomenon known as the hedonistic treadmill, the tendency we have to revert back to baseline levels of contentment after a certain favorable (or unfavorable) event. We literally forget how happy we are.
The concept of a hedonistic adaptation is why you’re soon complaining about being low on funds a few months after getting that long-sought after raise, or why a dream vacation soon feels mundane and you’re after a bigger venture. And it doesn’t just apply to bad things – it’s why a few days after 9/11 the sadness fades away.
Michael Eysenck coined this phrase in an effort to compare the human pursuit of happiness to someone on a treadmill, who must walk continuously just to stay in the same place. In the health and fitness realm, it’s why we throw in the towel and give up on ourselves, because the tireless pursuit of change is daunting.
Now, I’m not saying don’t pursue change. Complacency isn’t required to avoid this treadmill. However, understanding that perspective dictates emotion is crucial.
If you can choose to be consistently thankful and express gratitude, you can effortlessly step off the unrelenting treadmill of longing and striving that sucks the joy from life, that deters you from achieving your best you.
I’ll let you in on a little secret – you don’t reach your goals by walking on a treadmill. Not in your wellness pursuits; not in life.
So how about it? This week, I challenge you to capture at least one new thing each day for which you’re grateful and share it on Instagram and/or Facebook. Go one step further and keep a gratitude journal to further engrain the habit. (Fun fact: posting it will create a virtual journal for yourself!)
This month, tag @517transformed and use #517challenge for your gratitude photos & more – let’s inspire each other to achieve our true best selves by cultivating what’s already within. I’m excited to see what you share!

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