Be My BFF?


While chatting with a friend the other day, I got to thinking, “How in the world did we become such good friends?”


It wasn’t a question of compatibility, just a blurred line between the time we met just over a year ago and how close we are today. Sometime between play dates and birthday parties and holiday gatherings our friendship grew deeper – I’ll bet you have (or have had) someone like this in your life.


Very rarely do friendships blossom any other way. Sure, there are a few that begin with one approaching the other and saying, “Excuse me, want to be my new best friend?” and – boom – you’re hanging out five days a week. More often than not are relationships built stronger with time, repeated exposure and the sheer habit of enjoying the others’ company.


All this got me thinking – if we wouldn’t outright ask another to be our new best friend and immediately seek to immerse ourselves with their presence, why on earth would we do that with fitness? Perhaps that’s why so many endeavors fail. Yes, there are those who are comfortable (and cool enough) to pull off an approach like that, but most of us need time, repeated exposure and the growing habit of it’s presence in our lives.


What makes all the difference in my client’s success is the slow, methodical approach to habit building that we take. Habits always beat intentions. To set out to revolutionize and completely revamp a routine is a recipe for failure – eventually, be it a week, month or even a year, we will revert back to our “normal.”


It’s a tough concept to adopt, because we want results and we want them now. What difference can we really see if we only change one small thing at a time, like breakfast a couple days a week or one workout? The answer is quite a lot, because those small changes will stick for the long haul, bringing results and more habits with it.


The answer could be as simple as seeing it as a new friend. If a healthy lifestyle isn’t a new best friend with whom you’ve build a solid bond, the results will be short lived. It’s a process that takes time, patience and dedication. Not all new friendships pan out – just like a love for cruciferous veggies or yoga might not stick. But, with time (and a bit of trial and error), you’ll find the fit that works for you.


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