January's Client of the Month: Priya

January's Client of the Month: Priya


For San Jose mom Priya B., managing a demanding workload alongside her role raising a busy toddler and her active involvement in the community left her struggling to find the time and energy to create the life and body she desired. 

She worked “off and on” toward her goal of losing weight by hitting the gym and walking the treadmill three or four times a week, but timing was difficult, and changes had begun to stall.

“Life as a cybersecurity specialist is good, but I was not happy with the way my body was,” she says. “Three years after delivering my son my body plateaued. I knew I wanted to have a body that I am proud of.”

For Priya, that meant building strength and adding muscle, particularly in her midsection, while losing fat and inches in the waist. But – most importantly – she wanted to set a positive example for her son, which meant being the best she possibly could.

She heard about 5:17 from a neighbor and immediately signed up for a year's worth of bi-weekly Focused Intense Resistance Exercise (F.I.R.E) sessions. She says she was full of self-doubt and nervous she wouldn’t be able to survive the workouts, but she hit the ground running.

“The workouts were always challenging and fun at the same time,” she says.

5:17’s semi-private F.I.R.E. program empowered her to work with weights in a safe, controlled environment to increase lean tone and change the shape of her body. She trains alongside two to three other women with the same drive, motivation and goals, so they encourage and motivate each other along the way.

For women, this style of training is among the most effective because of the vital role muscle plays in a woman’s body. Not only does it improve energy, boost confidence and regulate hormones, but muscle is metabolically active tissue that burns calories even at rest, improving metabolic function and creating sustainable change that doesn’t require long sessions or cutting calories. 

Additionally, women with more muscle have less risk of diseases including cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes – and, women who train together have a greater chance of sticking with their program, and therefore see the results.

Priya’s initial goal was to drop 20 to 25 pounds and five to six inches from her waist. She and her trainer set a goal of a year to see this through, but she’s halfway there in just three months. 

Since October 2017, she has lost 4.5 percent body fat – a total of 10 pounds of fat, and nearly three inches off her waist – and she’s stronger than ever, able to deadlift almost 100 pounds!

She says she’s “not sure” where she’d be without the programming and community at 5:17 Total Body Transformations, but she recognizes she’s a work in progress – just like the rest of us!

“My confidence has bolstered,” she says. “I am also making lifestyle changes in my food choices.”

She says her trainers – Sarah Razz and 5:17 owner Jennette Holzworth - are the “real deal.” 

“Jennette is knowledgeable, friendly, professional and intelligent. It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated she is to her business,” Priya says. “Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable as well, she has a wonderful personality, and she will push you beyond your mental and physical limits.”

To the women out there considering a change of their own, she advises to, “decide now that things will be different going forward. Do yourself a favor and get in touch. This team can help you achieve your fitness goals.”


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