You’re getting out what you put in

Have you ever noticed how two people can do the exact same fitness routine for a period of time and one will have breathtaking results while the other looks the same as when they started?


Why is that?


It’s frustrating when you are the person going through a fitness routine without seeing dramatic results. Might make you look for a reason outside of yourself to blame, such as genetics.


In reality, the thing holding you back is something that you have complete control over: it’s the intensity with which you exercise.


Intensity is something that’s difficult for the outside observer to measure but is felt within your body as you go through the motions of an exercise.

  • It’s how hard you push yourself to go as heavy and as quickly as possible.

  • It’s picking up a weight that feels hard to handle (safely, of course).

  • It’s putting a boost behind each stride as you run.

  • It’s resisting the urge to simply go through the motions.

  • It’s outdoing your efforts from last time.


We’ve bought into the lie for far too long that “just doing it” is going to get us there. However, steady-state jags on the treadmill or elliptical, an hour-long walk, etc. don’t produce body change.

And even when we’re engaging in the body changing HIIT workouts, there’s always the urge to put out token effort in your workout, going through the motions while cutting corners along the way. We all have days when the weights feel extra heavy and our energy stores feel depleted, and those days will naturally be less intense.


When low intensity workouts are your norm, you simply won’t ever achieve the results that you’re hoping for. And this is something that you completely control.


So, as you go into your next workout, think about the intensity that you’re bringing. Are you pushing yourself with each rep? Could you go heavier? Could you be faster?


Fight the urge to be comfortable while you exercise. There’s plenty of time throughout your day to feel comfortable, just not while you’re working out.


Attack your next workout with 100% intensity and set a new standard for yourself to continuously push to become stronger, faster, leaner and more fit.


You’ve got this! You’ll be better for it.


And if you’re feeling complacent in your workouts, or like you’re not getting the results you desire on your own - know you’re not alone! Many of our current clients came to us baffled at why they were putting in so much effort on their own yet not seeing changes. One workout with us proved why!


It’s not that we’re not good enough on our own, it’s that we’re all better in community and when we have someone pushing us to be our best. We’d love for you to experience this, too.


If you’re not yet one of our awesome clients then call or email today to give us a try. Rates are as low as $15 a session and with a 6:1 participant to instructor ratio (or less) you won’t get lost in a sea of faces.


Together we will get you into your best shape yet!

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