Do This At Bedtime

The best way to ensure that you will make stellar choices tomorrow is to plan for it tonight. 

Before you go to sleep, jot out your plan for the next day.

What will you eat? What is your exercise plan? What food traps will you avoid? How much time will you spend watching TV?

An intentional life is one well lived. “Nobody finishes well by accident.”(John C. Maxwell, renown author and speaker)

Here’s where to start: Write down your ideal day and then sleep on it. When you wake up take that list with you as a guide to making great choices all day long. (I do this while sitting with my kids while they fall asleep.)

But, don’t stop there. John Maxwell also points out that action is what converts human dreams into significance. The best of intentions don’t amount to much if we don’t follow through. 

To make the process really stick, enlist empowering accountability, others who will lift you up and encourage you to realize your full potential. 

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